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  • Adam
    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

    This verse seems to explain what we're seeing currently in culture, in media, and even on this website.

    People don't love the truth, but are more attracted to the lie. The lies become their idol which they serve. They willingly embrace the delusion. How does anyone know if they are believing a lie or not?

    The truth isn't afraid of analysis, but lies are. Can you think of any subjects today that are being censored, silenced, 'discredited' through paid-for 'studies'? I can think of many.


    Death statistics aren't to be questioned whatsoever. They are concealed and only released after they have been 'processed', is there something to hide? VAERS injuries and deaths from all other experimental vaccines have been thoroughly investigated and products pulled after only 5 deaths or so, but something that has thousands to potentially millions of deaths shouldn't be analyzed?

    Election fraud- certain groups don't want this investigated and deny any/all reports of cheating. But wouldn't investigating only build confidence in the integrity of the election with no downside, or are they afraid of what might be discovered?

    People on this forum lately seem to be denying Jesus and making up stories to discredit Him. It's fascinating that someone is interested in Christianity enough to read the Bible, but just can't quite submit to its full truth and agree with its verses like John 1:1. Some seem quite uncomfortable with this and quietly deny it without any rational explanation. Some prefer to believe man's opinion instead of God's. Dangerous lies are being spread and it seems to tie back to this delusion the Word talks about. We must pray and seek God and ask for wisdom. Those who merely come on to spread propaganda to achieve a certain outcome instead of caring about the truth will face consequences. God is a fair judge. End times are near. It's time to admit who Jesus is. We must stay on course to the end and not fall away. 2 Peter 2:20-21.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I was up all night Election Day, and most of the day after: listening to ELECTION WORKERS TESTIFY AND SHOW CELL PHONE VIDEOS, of "Election OBSERVERS" carrying out boxes of votes from their desks where they were counting

    THEY WERE FOLLOWED BY PEOPLE WHO took videos of the ballots being put in dumpsters or loaded onto private unmarked trucks and driven away.

    Those videos may still be on YouTube???

    I know what I saw. Maybe other people who saw it will find a politician who saw it and see if they can still get those private videos?

    May we not be ostriches..
  • Private former Political Consultant, - in Reply
    I worked with Presidental Campaigns as volunteer, Congressional campaigns, US Senate campaigns, A staffer for State Governor, Lt. Gov., Attorney General, State Senators, helped with Special Elections, General Elections, Conventions, Party Nominations, Chairman Elections. I left political field at the height of my career because of moral conviction. I had help many obtain political seats that claimed to be "Christian" didn't examine their fruit. I say this to let the readers know I have some knowledge in election process.

    During election early voting & day of election I was alarmed to see many strange occurrences that I won't mention here. A few more odd things happened so I felt led to stay. I witnessed overwhelming support for a candidate, Only 1 News crew at poll. I left poll little before it closed. I went to look up video & before polls were closed a US Senate incumbent candidate had already given his "victory" speech. I felt fire inside! I went straight to the official reporting site & the numbers were not even in that candidate's favor! I assumed mistake later be an embarrassment for that campaign to resend. Within minutes the State was "called" on National News channels around the USA the numbers were hours from reporting & the Other candidate was way ahead, not what was being reported. It was one of the 1st States called.

    I realized then it was a POLITICAL COUP, the media would convince the rest of the Country that these States voted a certain way to influence the rest of the Country, it was propaganda at it's worst in USA. I prayed & started watching the numbers from another nearby State that was "called" also. = National news networks had called the winner before numbers were counted with victory numbers favorable strongly for other candidates both States had more than 80% reporting, many Elections would be called for the candidate leading, closer to 60%. The sites froze in both States. Rare numbers showed up.. GOD ALMIGHTY knows. 1 Cor 4:5
  • Election Truths Coming Out of the Closet - in Reply
    I'm convinced ordinary people who took those videos on election night, still have them.

    YouTube and Google are joined now and probably wouldn't allow those videos to be uploaded.

    Those of us that stayed up all night, through the next day, Saw Them.

    If we had a 2nd election Today, I'm positive there would be a different result.

    We need to contact representatives and Demand stronger restrictions on Ballot Safety.

    In Austin crooks we're knocking down postal boxes to get at the ballots. Ballots with dead people identities were Discovered!

    People showed videos of unmarked trucks picking up boxes of ballots in Unmarked Trucks behind the voting stations.

    Many ballot counters observed boxes being brought in and boxes taken away.

    "They" didn't even lay low and act sneaky over what they did. Nine months later, they're making our lives pure hell. You should contact Ted Cruz and disclose what you know. Let them investigate.

    Biden closed the Keystone Pipeline which was For Americans!! Now He's selling the oil to Putin so he can get what he wants from European Countries in return for American oil. No pay, no got heat in those cold winters.

    We are seeing the beginning of Antichrists Kingdom. Biden is too clueless to be a big player. He's a pawn.

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