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    We just updated the Bible verse linking functionality so it's faster and more accurate. Thank you for your patience while we stay busy in the background trying to improve the Bible reading and discussing experience. Previously, the script made it so you couldn't accurately type numbers like 1,000 or 10,000, but now you can. Praise God!

    As with any technology, there are limitations. Here are the rules of how it works.

    1. Book & Chapters

    Just type a book and a chapter and it will automatically link. It won't link with just a book, or just a chapter, it must be both with a space in between, like this:

    Genesis 1


    2. Verses

    Just type any verse like you normally would and it will automatically hyperlink if your book, chapter, and verses are are correct, such as:

    Genesis 1:1


    3. Ranges

    Just type a hyphen and another verse to link to a verse range. It won't link to chapter ranges, only verse ranges.

    Genesis 1:1-3

    4. Series

    Just type a comma between each individual verse you want to list for a given chapter. Important note: it doesn't allow spaces between the commas and verses. You can list up to 10 verses in a series. For example:

    Genesis 1:2,4,7,12,15


    If the above rules are followed the Bible verse references will be hyperlinked. You may also use commonly used book abbreviations. You may list multiple Bible verse references in a row separated by a space, period, comma, semicolon and they should link properly. Ranges and series can't be combined, however. It's only one or the other per book and chapter reference. For example:

    Gen 1:2,4,7,12,15. Gen. 1:2-5. Gen 2:2,4,11. Jn 3:16; Mk 10

    If you have any improvement suggestions for this or anything else, we welcome your help.

    May God bless you through your Bible reading and Bible discussions!
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply
    KJBO Admin, Much Thanks For the Update on your Improvements - I will have another 'short?' list shortly of more 'problems' that have happened to me...

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  • KJBO Admin - in Reply
    It looks like everything worked except "dut" and "dtr". We added some most-common abbreviations and for this Deuteronomy the working abbreviations are "deut" "det" or "dt". We believe this covers most uses and can't add additional rarely used abbreviations, because it increasingly slows server performance for everyone and increases the risk of broken links. Books alone won't link, but need a minimum of a space and chapter. God bless you!
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply
    Precious friends, not to Overstep, but, IMHO this would be the best list of abbreviations for KJV Book names:

    Ge Ex Le Nu De Jo Ju Ru 1S 2S 1K 2K 1Ch 2Ch Ez Ne Es Jb Ps Pr Ec So Is Je La Ee Da Ho Jl Am Ob Jn Mi Na Ha Ze Hg Zc Ma

    Mt Mr Lu Jh Ac Ro 1Co 2Co Ga Ep Ph Co 1Th 2Th 1Ti 2Ti Ti Pi He Ja 1Pe 2Pe 1J 2J 3J Jd Re

    (1) Mostly 2-digit, and 'Minimal-can't be avoided' 3-digit abbreviations should Satisfy the Maximum 'speed' of the server performance, Correct? Plus:

    (2) Helps typists of abbreviations be Most Efficient in their postings?

    IF possibly we could have a 'consistent' list of the KJV "programmers Final Choices," of course, on say, maybe this Page of the KJV site?:

    Link {next to the full names?}

    or on an FAQ page, so then all users could 'find, and utilize them consistently,' with LOTS less 'errors and broken links,' Correct?

    My humble opinions/suggestions, of course...thanks for asking...

    And MUCH Thanks to the KJBO ADMIN for all The GREAT Help making our Discussions an Even More Productive, Enjoyable, And Edifying experience! Amen?

    Let's all unite For The LORD, and make THIS site Numero UNO on the net, ok? God Bless!!!
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply
    Wow, Excellent Awesome! I also noticed that a space is added to the left parenthesis ( Jn 1:1)

    when refreshed today. Appreciate All your Excellent Work. See you in Glory!!! Praise HIM!!!!

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