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  • Roger h chen on Jeremiah 9
    Oh,that my head were a spring of water

    what does this verse mean?
  • Messenger - in Reply on Jeremiah 9
    Hello "Roger h chen" Jeremiah 9:1

    According to Isaiah 48:18 water is liken to peace.

    so possibly a peace of mind. Philippians 4:7

    interesting choice. thanks
  • Website Commentary on your Question - in Reply on Jeremiah 9
    The people are corrected, Jerusalem is destroyed. (1-11) The captives suffer in a foreign land. (12-22) God's loving-kindness, He threatens the enemies of his people. (23-26)1-11 Jeremiah wept much, yet wished he could weep more, that he might rouse the people to a due sense of the hand of God. But even the desert, without communion with God, through Christ Jesus, and the influences of the Holy Spirit, must be a place for temptation and evil; while, with these blessings, we may live in holiness in crowded cities. The people accustomed their tongues to lies. So false were they, that a brother could not be trusted. In trading and bargaining they said any thing for their own advantage, though they knew it to be false. But God marked their sin. Where no knowledge of God is, what good can be expected? He has many ways of turning a fruitful land into barrenness for the wickedness of those that dwell therein.

    23-26 In this world of sin and sorrow, ending soon in death and judgement, how foolish for men to glory in their knowledge, health, strength, riches, or in any thing which leaves them under the dominion of sin and the wrath of God! and of which an account must hereafter be rendered; it will but increase their misery. Those are the true Israel who worship God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh. Let us prize the distinction which comes from God, and will last for ever. Let us seek it diligently.

    Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.
  • Chris - in Reply on Jeremiah 9
    Hi Roger. The prophet Jeremiah was also known as the 'weeping prophet' ( Jeremiah 9:1,10; Jeremiah 31:16,17) as he had an exceptionally tender heart towards his people. When we read Jeremiah chapter 9, we need to also look at chapter 8, as they are connected. The volume of their sins; sins of adultery, deceit, & idolatry which God would certainly punish & not overlook, fully gripped the prophet. His weeping ought to have alerted the people to the certainty of judgement for their follies, but they disregarded the warnings.

    So his exclamation in Jeremiah 9:1: "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!", is a picture of how he felt & the tears that would flow because of the impending slaying of his people by the Babylonian sword & then into captivity, away from their God-given land.

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