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  • Johnathan
    How do I know what's next for me
  • Fred - in Reply
    A name is a good thing! Johnathan is even better! David's best friend is even as you are, a friend! Jesus calls you His friend. Friends wait on one another, this is the same friendship we hope for in Christ! Waiting, watching, praying, this is what is next for you! Hold fast too what you have, and like a good apprentice, read the words that lead to salvation! Grab hold of the things of God! Be vigilant, be sober, Watch, I say, Watch! Hold fast, for the storms will be many, anchor down!
    If you'll read from the link out on the red link page: BECOME A BELIEVER

    All of your questions will be answered.

    In your praying, be still for a while and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you have read.

    Jesus imparts to Holy Spirit to you, once you've done what is written in John chapter 3.

    ( Romans 1). The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead. He was part of creating earth and the heavens. You can become as close to Him as your heart desires.

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