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  • Manuel minor
    does Hebrews' 5:9 say that salvation is by obedience
  • Jesse - in Reply

    Hebrews 5:9 is speaking about the perfection of Christ. It says, "and being made perfect (Telios/Complete), He became the author of eternal salvation unto all those who obey Him."

    A person must surrender their life to Christ in order to be saved. The obedience comes after salvation, after making Jesus Christ the Lord over your life. The flesh will never submit or be obedient to the Lord. It is His Spirit that He gives us, that dwells in us, and persuades us to be obedient to Him. Can a person be disobedient after they are saved? Yes, they can. However the Lord will always deal with a believer who chooses to be disobedient. For those He loves, those who belong to Him, He disciplines, He chastens. And sometimes that discipline can be pretty harsh.

    The Lord requires obedience. He requires us to be faithful to Him. But if we slip up and become disobedient, our salvation remains. Jesus Christ purchased our salvation at the cross. He shed His blood to redeem us from sin. His sacrifice was made perfect (Telion). It was a complete and perfect sacrifice.

    The completion: It is finished. He has done it all!
  • S Spencer - in Reply
    Amen Brother Jesse.

    God bless.
  • David - in Reply
    Jesse Brother one of these days were gonna believe this stuff. God Bless

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