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  • Lex
    I have read different explanations for the process of conversion and how importance repentance and faith are. While I know that salvation is by grace through faith, how can a person be sure their conversion is genuine? When you are born again is repentance a change of mind right? How do you know you really have faith in Jesus and not just an emotional response to a sermon or song? Is repentance accompanied by sorrow towards God or sorrow over sins? I seriously want to know because I had heard and read many different explanations and this is obviously of the utmost importance.

    There are no works that one can do to be saved but the process of conversion, I have questions. Would anyone please share their understanding or maybe even their conversion please?
  • David - in Reply
    Lex Your conversion term i.e. being born again requires a few important actions. Believing which is action based between your head and your heart and your action mouth. Romans 10:8-10 an individual begins to realize he needs God in his life because he needs help from sin, eventually is told about what was done by God through Jesus Christ. Then with correct instruction gets Gods Word a Bible Finds Romans 10:9+10 up to this part its all action to get to an outcome then the beginning of the miracle of all miracles confesses the saviour from sin with his mouth and believes in His Heart innermost part of our being [literally seat of your personal life] that you confess with your mouth action believe in your heart to make jesus lord i.e. leader and believe God raised Him from the dead and your saved made whole and receive Gods gift Holy spirit. Trust me you'll know it's not just a feeling there is a peace you'll receive that is not of this world. It's the beginning of a life long walk of obedience and work to walk by the spirit that you've received.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    Personally, I would click on that link on the red entry page: BECOME A CHRISTIAN.

    It really covers everything you need to know, all in one spot.

    There is a process. Sometimes too many voices speaking at once is confusing. The Book of John is the best Book to compare what you know and what else may clear up the process.

    When you are born again, Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit, to live inside of your heart. He's your TEACHER. You can ask him anything. Just be sensitive to hear His replies. With me, He'll give me a scripture to look up. This website has a search engine that will quickly find that scripture.

    If you type: HOLY SPIRIT in the search engine on this website (and click on New Testament Only) you will see all that we have available to us, through His Ministry. He's gentle and strong too. For me it's easier to hear him, if I turn off the media for a while.

    I'm not ashamed to say that I cherish my friendship with the Holy Spirit. I worship Jesus for giving Him to me.

    There is a 247 page, PDF document on: Harvestime dot Org. (only one letter t)

    Everything we want to know about Holy Spirit.

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