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  • Alex on Matthew 28
    But Matthew 28: 18 is after he was risen, His blood resulted in a new covenant which was the baptism of Promise ,Baptising them in the Name of the father Son and the H.G. was the baptism of Promise. As Jesus said wait for the Promise of the Father Which ye have heard of me ( his words seeds etc) ye shall be baptised with the H.G not many days hence which was the Promise baptism. As the H.G. fell on them that heard his words etc. Back in the upper room he breathe on them which was his breath his words the good seeds but the Child did not come till Pentecost,b/f the cross they only received the good seed, his breathe etc. The H.G. was the Child of Promise that did not come till Pentecost,That mighty rushing wind was the H.G. the Child of Promise . That which is Born of the spirit is spirit thats the H.G. the Child of Promise. Unless ya receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child ye will in no wise enter there in. Remember he told em b/c i have spoken these words his seeds, his breath, sorrows have filled your hearts a spritual pregnancy etc. But after the Child comes her sorrows are turned into joy. The new Birth, The Church is the woman that is gona birth a baby CHRIST. via his seeds etc. When Jeremiah saw the new covenant he also saw All men in travail and birth pains. The Child is the H.G A HEAVENLY JACOB THE GRANSON THAT WILL RESULT IN AN Israel of God. A time of Jacobs troubles there is gonna be war in heaven when the woman gives birth her Child is the H.G. tHAT heavenly JACOB MEANING THERE IS GONNA BE AN ISRAEL OF GOD that is gona be as the stars of heaven. k later
  • Crissy - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Very good prospective. A lot of wisdom and insight you have. God Bless

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