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  • Judy on Revelation 11
    Where is the Holy Spirit during the tribulation
  • Larry Bolinao - in Reply on Revelation 11
    The Holy Spirit is not around during the great tribulation, because, understand first that man brings all the miseries and poverty war,and famine disease flood and heavy typhoon to himself. He attracts it , because he choose evil works than righteousness, bringing death to himself. the Holy Spirit can not come to a person who does not accept GOD LMIGHTY.

    AND THE TRIBULATION is man made as it has always been. Man creates this war and ,whoremongering idolatry, hence we are very close to the great tribulation
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Precious friends, look likes "Part I" did not get posted, so here it is:

    Will God "rapture" the church out before the great tribulation? I believe By "studying God's Word Of Truth, Rightly Divided," we can ask HIM, "What Saith The SCRIPTURES"? Amen?:

    Part I

    PRE-TOJT Great GRACE Departure:

    (A) God's TWO Different programs, Rightly Divided

    (B) Distinctions Between GREAT GRACE Departure and Second Coming

    LORD JESUS, we beseech Thee Now For Thy Divine Understanding In This Thy Most Important Doctrine For our COMFORT And Consolation. Amen. (1 Thessalonians 4:18)


    (A) God's TWO Different programs, Rightly Divided:

    Time Of JACOB's {Israel's} Trouble (TOJT), Ending With The Second Coming, is found in:

    God's Prophetic Program, Under LAW, gospel of the kingdom ("ages" past/future) (Genesis-John; Hebrews-Revelation)

    God's "Earthly Kingdom" Purpose From "the foundation of the world" (Matthew 25:34)

    God's Purpose Prophesied "since the world began" (Luke 1:68-70; Acts 3:21)

    Rightly Divided (2 Timothy 2:15) From Things That DIFFER:

    Great GRACE Departure!

    Pre-TOJT Resurrection/Departure of The Body Of CHRIST, Ending God's Age Of GRACE, Is Found In:

    God's Revelation Of The Mystery, Under The Gospel Of The GRACE Of God { Current = "But NOW!" } (Romans through Philemon!)

    God's "Heavenly Hidden" Purpose Before "the foundation of the world" (Ephesians 1:4; 2 Timothy 1:9)

    God's Heavenly Purpose Kept Secret "since the world began" (Romans 16:25; Ephesians 1:4-11, 3:5-9)

    to be continued in Part II...
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply
    " not say that God will "rapture" the church out before the great tribulation, or anytime other than at the end." Ok, Precious friend, Dean, I won't; "Know the order, and realize your place according to the grand scheme." Yes, I won't say it, But, By "studying God's Word Of Truth, Rightly Divided," I'll let God "Say It":

    Part II

    (B) Distinctions Between GREAT GRACE Departure and Second Coming

    TheSecondComing, According to Prophecy:

    (1) Immediately After tribulation/4 signs, CHRIST, In His Prophesied Second Advent, As KING Of kings, And LORDOf lords, Is Coming From Heaven! (Matthew 24:29; Revelation 19:16, 11)

    (2) CHRIST Is Coming On a white horse, With Crowns On His Head, And A Sword In His Mouth! (Revelation 19:12-15)

    (3) CHRIST Is Coming With, (which Were In Heaven!), His armies on white horses! (Revelation 19:12-15)

    (4) CHRIST Is Coming ALL THE WAY To the earth"WithAllOf His holy angels," In Order To Judge/Make war/Smite And Rule the nations (Matthew 25:31; Revelation 19:11, 15)

    (5a) Angels "gather the tares First, And they are taken Out of the kingdom" to be cast into the furnace of fire! (Matthew 24:30, 13:30, 40-43)

    (5b) Angels "gather the elect"... (Matthew 24:31; Mark 13:27)

    (6)...for the "judgment of the Earthly Nations" By The Son of man, The King! (Matthew 25:31-46)

    (7) Those Judged as righteous then enter the kingdom! And the UNrighteous then Depart into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels! (Matthew 25:34-46)

    Rightly Divided (2 Timothy 2:15) From Things That DIFFER:

    The Great GRACE Departure, According to TheHeavenlyMystery!:

    to be continued in Part III
  • Freddy Blair - in Reply on Revelation 11
    If the two witnesses are the Word and the Spirit of Jesus Christ (we know Jesus is at the right hand of the Father and in the beginning the Word was with God) , the Bible teaches that Christians will be eradicated from the earth by the Beast.

    So the Word and the Spirit would no longer deal with those who take the mark of the Beast, because they are damned to Hell.
  • Brad B - in Reply on Revelation 11
    I have a serious problem with the idea that taking the mark condemns you to hell. Are these survivors Christian's that should know better than to take the mark, but do so because they are lukewarm? Either way, you will take the mark cause your flesh is weak. We are human, corruptible, and as such we do sin that Christ has already covered on the cross, so what's going on here? Why are you so confused to misrepresent scripture, so it makes sense to you? Why can't you connect the dots using what God gave you?

    You will take the mark to avoid being shot at, tortured, stabbed or killed. The ones taking the mark will do so to survive, their families, that's a natural response. If you don't the take the mark, you'll die of want, so why not kill yourself to save yourself? Killing yourself is a sin, but it's better than the mark, right? This amounts to false fear mongering, misinterpreting the end times, plain and simple.

    Now listen to this: the refusal of the mark is addressed specifically towards the one hundred forty four thousand sealed saints from twelve tribes of Israel. They are the only ones strong enough to not take the mark. I know you never ever knew this truth before, and don't try to say you did. Just be glad you know now, and don't forget where you learned it, either. Everyone else during the great tribulation will be eating their portion of anti-christ's meat.

    Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
  • Glenn - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Hi , I just wanted to say , that he comes as the anti-Christ , a Jesus wanna be , the great deceiver, I do not believe that he an his fallen angels will be killing people that do not worship him ,.. but you are absolutely right on one thing, a lot of people will certainly be fooled an follow him , it's the election that will not , an they will be delivered up , for a witness / testimony of the holy sprit , the only 2 people that will be killed by them is the 2 witnesses,..

  • Tim Vanderplunk - in Reply on Revelation 11
    The 2 witnesses are not 2 people, and they are put right in front of your face, in several incantations. Who's sealed from death 42 months from both houses? Look a little closer at the definition of their description, they're there.
  • TAKING THE MARK IS A DEATH SENTENCE - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Revelation 14

    9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive HIS MARK in his forehead, or in his hand,

    10 The same shall drink of the wine of the WRATH of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 11
    If the Christian's true love is Jesus, then they as a members of the faithful bride, will not look for another husband for their protection.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 11
    The last mark of the beast may be unbelief, where the salt has lost the saltiness.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Thank you brother Earl for many encouragements.
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Amen and Amen, Brother Carleton.
  • Ron - in Reply on Revelation 11

    In my opinion, we are currently in tribulation which started Sept 11 (fifth trumpet)

    The Great tribulation starts at the sixth trumpet (you will not miss it like the others).

    The Holy Spirit will be there to comfort the besieged through it all..
  • THE HOLY SPIRITS MINISTRY - in Reply on Revelation 11
    John 14:16

    And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

    John 14:26

    But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

    John 15:26

    But when the Comforter is come, whom I will SEND UNTO YOU from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

    John 16:7

    Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

    On the day of Pentecost, the Disciples in the Upper Room, Received the Holy Spirit. ACTS 2. You should read all of that passage. Jesus promised. The Disciples were joyous. The event spilled out into the streets.

    The Holy Spirit is given to THOSE who receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. He is the 3rd person of the Godhead! And Jesus by going to the Cross made it possible to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

    When the believers are caught up to the clouds with Jesus, the Holy Spirits ministry on earth after that will be only for those unsaved people that pray for salvation, AND DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. (That mark will have GPS tracking)

    People you love; tell them how to receive Jesus now.

  • Gerald - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Hi Judy, I'm going to say up front any time we discuss "the tribulation" or the book of Revelations how ever many people you have discussing them that's how many opinions, beliefs, interpretations you are going to have. With that being said let me say if we carefully look around us today I think it's safe to say we are living in tumultuous or "pressing" times which is what tribulation means in the original Grk. form of the word. Will the Holy Ghost be around? If God is (around) or has anything to do with it(pressing times) then yes. Will an individual FEEL that Spirit is another matter altogether. I know the word says in Gen. "that God's spirit will not always strive with man..." now before all you Bible scholars start "stoning" me (I use the term loosely) and shouting "that was Old Test.! God was talking to Noah....!" yes that's true however "as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of Man returns", I believe Jesus said that. Suffice it to say I would (personally) not want to be around if and when that happens. Lets live our lives now," walk in the Spirit...." Gal. 5:16 and if ( or when ) tribulation comes I'll have nothing to worry about but if I'm still here when God raptures His church out of here, well I'd be a little worried. Hope this Helped, God Bless.
  • Dean - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Please do not say that God will "rapture" the church out before the great tribulation, or anytime other than at the end. Does it make sense that at the great tribulation that God seals the saints on earth against anti-christ's rule, while "rapturing" out sinners because we profess to be Christian's? You are appointed one death. Do you think God would "rapture" billions of Christian sinners, and leave His elect to battle to the death with anti-christ? That notion is absolutely preposterous, non-Biblical and has zero chance happening. You are conflating doctrines with man-made ones that have no merit. You didn't study it let alone think it through.

    The first resurrection (Revelation 11:12) takes place at the seventh trumpet when the mystery of God is finished. "Raptured" Christians are not part of the army (saints) standing on the hill with Christ, they are no where to be found in Revelation 14:1. If you were "raptured" where did you go that you're not part of God's army? Misleading people about a pipe dream has drawbacks in the eyes of God. Stop perpetuating a popular, yet unsubstantiated lie through false faith and poisonous divination. Christian's that think too highly of themselves will be greatly disappointed when darkness comes. Both the righteous and the wicked will die like they have in previous wars. Know the order, and realize your place according to the grand scheme.
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply on Revelation 11
    "God's Word Of Truth, Rightly Divided," Lets God "Say It":

    Part III

    The Second 'prophesied' Coming

    Rightly Divided (2 Timothy 2:15) From Things That DIFFER:

    The PRE-TOJT Great GRACE Departure, According to TheHeavenly'Mystery!':

    (1) Immediately After GRACE Has ENDED/ZERO signs!:

    CHRIST, As Head Of His Body, The Church, Will Descend From Heaven! (Ephesians 1:19-23; Colossians 1:18; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

    (2) CHRIST Is Coming With A Shout, With the voice of an archangel, And With The Trump of God! (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

    3) God (JESUS CHRIST) Will BringWithHim {those who Were With Him In Heaven},partOf His Own, those who are "asleep In JESUS!" (2 Corinthians 5:8; Philippians 1:21-23; 1 Thessalonians 4:13)

    (4) CHRIST Descends WithOnearchangel, Will resurrect those asleep{in 3)}First, and Then, we "which are alive and remain," {which Is A Mystery!}, will be changed/all "incorruptible, And Caught Up" together to meet The LORD in the air {NOT "all the way to the earth!"}, in the "twinkling of an eye!" (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 1 Corinthians 15:52-53)

    (5) CHRIST "Gathers His Body" To HIMSELF, to Take them To Heaven {OPPOSITE of earth}... (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; 1 Corinthians 15:49; 2 Corinthians 12:2, 5:1, 2; Ephesians 1:3, 20, 2:6; Philippians 3:20; 2 Timothy 4:18)

    6)...For The Judgment Seat Of CHRIST, For HIS Heavenly Body, By The Head Himself!... (Romans 2:6, 16, 14:10-12; 1 Corinthians 3:7-15, 4:5, 6:20; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Ephesians 6:8; Colossians 3:24-25)

    to be continued in:

    Part IV God's PRE-TOJT Great GRACE Departure!
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Part IV God's PRE-TOJT Great GRACE Departure!:

    (7a) ...After Judgment, the GRACE assembly Is Then Presented as A Glorious Church, To CHRIST Himself!... (Ephesians 5:27)

    (7b) ...And, Then CHRIST Will Present His Body, holy and unblameable and unreproveable, In His Sight, To His Father, In Heaven, Where we Live Forever And Ever! Amen! (1 Thessalonians 3:13; Colossians 1:5, 22; 1 Corinthians 6:3; 2 Corinthians 5:1-2)

    Thus, we do "Know the order, and realize our place according to the grand scheme." = Today is GOD's PURE {Gospel Of} GRACE {Light} 'Offered' to all 'INDIVIDUALS,' and WHEN 'it ENDS' With HIS Great GRACE Departure {'Removing' ALL HIS 'ambassadors'}, only THEN Will Fall:

    God's {OPPOSITE of GRACE} JUDGMENT In The Time of JACOB's TROUBLE {Tribulation, GREAT tribulation And Wrath in Woe, Dread, Terror, And DARKNESS}, for "ISRAEL And The UNbelieving Nations!"

    Thus, question: Precious friend, WHY do you "DESIRE what is NOT our place according to the grand scheme"? (Amos 5:18)


    LORD JESUS, thank You so much for Your Precious BLOOD, Gift Of ETERNAL Salvation, And for Your Blessed Hope ofGlorification When You COME To Finally GATHER us HOME! Amen.


    our "place In The Grand Scheme"?:

    (2 Timothy 2:15; Romans 16:25; Ephesians 1:3-9; Ephesians 3:9) = Grace/Mystery 'fellowship,' today, Current, "But NOW!" Amen?

    Precious friends, Please Be Richly Encouraged, Enlightened, Exhorted, Edified, And "COMFORTED With THESE Words Of God's Truth!" (1 Thessalonians 4:18)
  • Dean - in Reply on Revelation 11
    I long for the day of the Lord when the haughty get lowered, with a flame on every face. I understand what happens that day, I'm not taken by surprise, unlike those who think it to be a good day. I've had it up to my nostrils with the stench of US and world corruption, murder and mayhem. When God visits the backsliding whole house of Israel, their spoiling and treachery will come to a violent end. Esau, with God on His side, will be brought forth to obliterate Jacob to dust. I bet you've read it many times without understanding that the prophets were talking about us. So the day of the Lord will come, and the abomination of desolation will deliver fire from the south to the north, fulfilling God's Word.

    Everything you hold dear about America, Jesus greatly despises. You stand in opposition to those that dwell in heaven. No matter how bold your words are, they fall short of what's written. Mystery Babylon America runs the show with her allies in crime, Europe, otherwise known as Babylon proper. Devices will darken every kingdom. The whole house of Israel used to be the head, but have since transitioned into the tail. When America/Israel bombs Iran's blossoming nuclear facility (Revelation 6:14), know that (Revelation 6:12) will soon follow. Do you notice that the 6th seal, vs 12, kick starts the 6th trumpet, day of the Lord? It's gonna be the greatest show on earth, bringing baldness and clean teeth. You should let go of her, come out of her, stop defending her.

    (Revelation 6:12) And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    Count me among them that break out in song when America's plot to rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years gets its due comeuppance. Good riddance 'greater Israel project'.
  • John - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Gerald Gods spirit and power are always around He is Omnipresent.
  • Gerald - in Reply
    Thanks John I think that, ( in a sense ) is what I said. God Bless!

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