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  • Paul on Psalms 117
    This Psalm reassures me that no matter the situation, God's mercy and love are still evident and available. But that could be interpreted a number of ways. Life, it seems, has become upside down. What once was evil and perverted has become desirable and wholesome. There is a great evil among us. The most comforting thing in life is to know that YAHWEH loves each of us in absolute perfection. He knows every facet of our being, the good and the bad. Until He returns, His free offer of salvation is available to us. He is also almighty and sovereign and He will have the final say of the outcome of all worldly events, all of them. He can weave the entangled mess that we make of out lives into a fine fabric of beauty, functionality and durability. He is still here, with us. The offer of salvation is still open to all people. It also comforts me to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that YAHWEH is in full control of absolutely everything that happens on earth for all eternity and absolutely nothing can ever take Him by surprise. He is complete. He Is all powerful. And no matter how bad and hopeless a situation may seem here and now, The earthly realm of time and space will pass and we will be able to look back, in great relief and joy and know that the evil is gone forever. Though the sorrow may last through the night, His joy comes in the morning; and what a wonderful morning it will be. All of the lies, greed, pain, murder, deceit, perversion, corruption, all of it forever destroyed and even forgotten. All creation will be as God intended it to be from the beginning and that could only be accomplished by His absolute display of love for us by sending His only begotten Son Yehoshua to pay the price we owed and could never possibly have paid which is eternal death. I must focus on the sacrificial Love of God each day and remember what He sacrificed for me. And to somehow fathom His love for me. Once accepted with the faith of a child, all will come into focus.

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