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  • John Boger on Matthew 2
    Verse 18 mentions Rachel and that she wept because her children were killed. Melville referenced this in the last chapter of Moby Dick. The Pequod was sunk and Ishmael is clinging to Quequeeg's coffin. Along comes another whaler, The Rachel, whose captain is criss-crossing the ocean because his son was lost in pursuit of a whale. Matthew has had such a profound impact on literature.
  • English sacha - in Reply on Matthew 2
    Hi John , I too have read Moby Dick , it was hard work and I shan't read it again , you are so right , I read a lot , mostly older classics and the human stories in the Bible have influenced many good writers and helped them to write some awesome books .
  • John Boger - in Reply on Matthew 2
    Hi. Thank you for your response. Melville is dense. Another wonderful work by his is called Bartleby, a Story of Wallstreet. Many such biblical references therein. A great work.

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