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  • Howard Myers on James 1
    Can someone clarify James 1:12. I know we are tempted. But to endure temptation. I struggle with it and try my best not to give in
  • Crossroman - in Reply on James 1
    James 1:14 "But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust".
  • Dianne - in Reply on James 1
    Howard We all in your terms give in so to speak, no man except Jesus Christ ever walked perfectly by the Spirit, as Paul outlined in Romans 7:14-25 we all deal with it. On the bright side we are forgiven by God through what Jesus Christ accomplished now the challenge to walk by the spirit is doing it is written. I don't dwell on what I do not do right also Paul in Philippians 3: 13, forget the past, that doesn't mean don't learn from it, don't dwell on it. A person who does a 300 yard dash doesn't in the middle of the race turn His head to look back. Just food for thought. In the end do the best you can then Philippians 2:13.
  • Crossroman - in Reply on James 1
    Dianne hello. Romans 7 is not Paul as a Christian, but as one under law before conversion. There are many articles on the web with the correct view of this, just as there are many with the incorrect view. It is a difficult subject but if you look into it properly you can get it right. This is a very serious matter because we are either calling a Christian a wannabe law keeping sinner, or we are calling a sinner before conversion, a Christian. Either way, it is a serious reversal of the truth. The wrong way leads people to think that sinning is commonplace and to be expected and that victory is not something to be considered, and is actually calling the pre-conversion person a Christian. The right way simply exposes the power that the flesh has under law, but which power has been destroyed by Christ's sacrificial body. It is not a matter of sinning or not sinning, it is a matter of what Paul is actually saying and teaching. To get it wrong is to destroy his expose' of the relationship between law flesh and sin and leaves the believer confused as to the absolute victory that Christ won for us.
  • Fred - in Reply on James 1
    What is remarkable in the Judaic traditions are the example the word uses for the need of man always doing something right or wrong in comparison to the will of God! How making excuses for sin and disobedience, would somehow be justification for what He does.

    What if the Jewish tradition never existed, what if the prophets were never recorded in the old testament? Their would be know need for A PROMISE TO BE FULFILLED! As a matter of fact there would be no sin that would separate us from God! There would be no need for a law!

    The lives of the tribes have been reserved for mankind's learning. Beginning with Moses! They have recorded and saved all of it! Being delivered from slavery, with Moses as their guide. they continue on until now!

    Through all the ups and downs, the troubles, the joys , the idea that God was the reason, and that A righteous King would be born unto them, even now is what we look for! Now Christ comes along and covers all that has been said and done. Fills every jot and tittle. Crosses every t and dots every I. In fact the king was born! He was here, and they rejected Him!

    To understand the Judaic traditions would be a big help in understanding the relationship, of the law and gospel and what they mean to one another. Terms like circumcision. Born again, redemption, sanctification ,justification. The deeper man goes into his own works, believing something else, the further from the understanding of these things become!

    We justify everything we do, that is the danger in believing we are right in a certain thing. That thing is called the works of the law. Soon there will be no law. Then we will understand what it means, when it is gone! Then the word Christian may become only a vapor of the past! Then they will say ,how can these things be?
  • Dianne - in Reply on James 1
    Crossroman One of things I keep in mind is that the Church epistles were given to paul by Jesus Christ for us to understand what was received on Pentecost, why how, to whom, and operation, also the challenge daily we deal with between walking by the spirit or walking by the flesh. Everybody misses the mark so to speak that is not a license to sin or excuse the renewing the mind is a life long reality. Also sin broken fellowship is carrying out an action against against Gods Word which is different than thinking a negative thought which is just having a negative thought. There again when we walk in the perfect love of God spirit 1 Corinthians 13:5 the love of God thinketh no evil. Your correct the victory is won, one of the biggest problems in the Christian Church is not believing the Completeness of what we have been delivered from and walking in that. Our old man nature was declared dead by our deliverance from sin but again many people need instruction as to how to walk by the spirit and what to put on mentally avoid missing the mark. Not understanding is not a licence to disobey some believers just don't know. I believe sir we are on the same page. God Bless
  • Crossroman - in Reply on James 1
    Thanks Dianne. "Seek and ye shall find".

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