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  • Ted on John 3
    Was Nicodemus ever saved . Regards Ted
  • Dianne - in Reply on John 3
    Ted The bible doesn't say but I'd like to believe he was because He begged for the body and put it in a fresh tomb. Also when you work Gods word closely He just wrapped in cloth others came by later and embalmed Him so that's an indication He believed he was going to raise from the dead, whats really interesting is all the disciples walked away and one betrayed Him all scattered. When it comes to the Gospels you have to be very careful sequence of events.
  • Jesse - in Reply on John 3
    Hi Dianne,

    Are you sure that it was Nicodemus who begged for the body of Jesus, or was it Joseph of Arimathea?

    Also, something I would like to share with you from my studies, for whatever it might be worth. The Jews did not embalm back then. What they would do is they would put various ointments and spices (fragrant spices) on a dead body to keep the odor down as the body decomposed. They would put this fragrant spice on the body, wrap the body some, add more spice, and then finish wrapping.

    Thought you might find this interesting!
  • Dianne - in Reply on John 3
    Jesse thanks for the correction and your humility and meekness in delivery, I don't need to see you I read you and understand your heart for God and His Word' Thanks and God Bless P.S. This is 3rd Time Prayerfully one will get through
  • Jesse - in Reply on John 3

    All three of your responses made it through and I have read them all. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. Your love for the Lord and His word are also quite evident in the things that you share. Thanks again for your kindness, and keep running the race that is set before you. God Bless!
  • Dianne - in Reply on John 3
    I have tremendous respect and love for your knowledge and heart for Gods Word. That is displayed in your graceful communication, so when I make mistakes I have much more respect for believers who don't judge but with agapeo love instruct. So thank you. Love in Christ.
  • Cynthia - in Reply on John 3
    Jesus was not embalmed
  • Fred - in Reply on John 3
    Embalming was not something done during those times. People used spices to repel the smell of death in a corpse! Do you remember Mary when she poured this fragrance over Christ, getting him ready for His death! How Judas spoke against it, that the spices should have been given to the poor! This fragrance fragrance would be a sign of life everlasting! If and when you smell that fragrance, look up, for Christ will be coming for you! When the Father in heaven reveals these things unto you, you will say "My Lord and my God". In all the world and time of times , we are going to see the return of Christ! Satan will do everything in His power to deceive the world, Even as He does now!
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Jesse brother saw your reply thanks for the correction and heart behind it, I respect that you endeavor not to criticise or condemn we are called to walk and and instruct in the love of God. I see your walk in print, it tells me your heart
  • Dianne - in Reply on John 3
    Thanks I meant to say according to Luke 23:55+56 they brought spices an ointments, thanhs or terminology correction.

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