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  • Free
    Thank you all for the website. And the patient loving service who come thru is soo beautiful for all too see.

    Some words came too me in happyness over. I have begun on the road to my hevenly Father.

    If i dont have Jesus i have darkness, and a sorrowful eval day.

    If the day is foggy, the light You Jesus give me, will always shine. The ppl are Yours but your grace have give me a service to bring the word of God out to the blinded and stonehearting ones. Am do my services in Your name and pray that all i meet will be safe for eternity. That they'll belive in You Jesus Christ.

    If i walk in the name of Jesus my foot will not touch any harm, and ill not afraid for anything. You i can fear dear Lord. My heart is full of light, and Now one can turn off that light. It will shine bright thru the darkest times, if i climb down on my knees and pray. He the Lord Jesus came and set me free! He is overwhelminly gracious.

    Who cares for me, if not You my Lord and Savior. Romans chapter 3.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    He said He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

    I call that good news :D

    I never feel alone. Don't feel old and out of date.

    And when I smile everyone looks at me like: What are you so happy about? and then I tell them..Jesus, only Jesus!
  • Dianne - in Reply
    First his light shined in you now its shining out of you, as Jesus Christ said let your light so shine, many times God says to us let don't force don't over think just let me work. Like when God talked to moses at first and basically said moses I'm calling you just believe and I'll do the work. We believe Let the Word do the Work.
  • Free - in Reply
    Soo Thru, here is a strange ting: He is everything. All glory to Him who have done all things. And am resting in a compete thru love. Thank you so much Jesus Christ. And ill pray that you all have this rest in Him.

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