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  • John landrum
    When will Elijah return
  • How To Tell Unbelievers How To Be Saved - in Reply
    I think Elijah and Moses are the Two Witnesses. That comes later.

    I think the spirit of Elijah is here already. Along with the voices of false prophets.

    So if anyone prophesies In the Name of God, and it doesn't come to pass; we are to not give them credibility or credence.

    What we need to do is to read and soak it up like a sponge, what the Bible says about Elijah's life and ministry. It involves a lot of reading and taking some notes. Listen to some Greg Laurie videos on YouTube.

    It takes much effort to be a 2021 Disciple of Jesus Christ. We have to learn it, teach it, and then preach it to the unlearned. Credit goes to Jesus Christ. Our reward is many more people readied for the Caught Up In The Clouds event.

    We must ask the Holy Spirit to anoint us for the task. 1 Corinthians 12, ask for the best gifts for you.

    This is the generation of Joel 2. And it has to be in your heart to be a part of that.

    The arm of the Flesh cannot "Steady the Ark of God". We need the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. I'm thinking after Jesus went up in the clouds that His Disciples did not fuss or argue over what would become scripture later. Think about that.

    There's going to be a huge push on evangelism. There are a lot of Matthew 24 SIGNS in the earth right now. 3 million Californians have moved elsewhere in the USA. They believe in the earthquake part; massive fires; landslides, droughts, no rainfall. That's 3 mil. we can witness to. If you got know enough to help someone else believe on Jesus. Leave some tracts on bus and park benches; laying on a sidewalk outside a Costco store or Goodwill.

    At the Bema seat rewards/no rewards judgment your works will appear as gold if you helped someone believe.

    I heard a Christian tell how he got saved. One Christian brother asks the other brother in front of an unbeliever, " Did you know Jesus died for our sins?!" The other guy says " why no! Tell me about it". It works :D

    Think about it.

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