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  • Albtrue on Matthew 7:6
    Everything must be said or done according to its perspective. In Matthew 7, Give not that which is Holy [the Gospel, tithes, God’s time for evangelizing, etc..] unto the dogs; judge not that you be not judged, etc… Meaning don’t be a fool. Don’t give that which God has Blessed you with to false prophets, or gentiles, or those that refuse the gospel. Yet how would you know that they are false prophets. You will know them by the fruits they bear [the things they do]. Neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you. But how will you know that they are swine. By sincerely praying to God for and receiving the Holy Spirit [Luke 11:13].This does not say, we shouldn’t evangelize, not pay tithes, etc..; because we should. Yet after we have done that which we are commanded to do and find out they are “false prophets; refusers of the gospel, etc…”, then we are to go and give that which is Holy to those who will or have accepted the Gospel, and practice the word of God. There is more to the interpretation of Matthew 7:6, and the whole chapter 7, but I believe the general concept [ideal] is there.


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