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  • Derek
    What is truth? John 18:38

    Is everything we see and believe from the media true about covid? Would we trust this info with our lives? What if it wasn't true?

    Unfortunately in this current culture people are attacked and shamed for asking basic questions. Would someone telling the truth normally be afraid of questions? Can't the truth hold up to respectful scrutiny?

    I do not trust what I see and hear in the news or on TV. There have been too many lies already told and there's no credibility left.

    First the origin of the corona virus was denied that it came from the corona virus lab. We were supposed to believe it came from a wet market, rather than the exact lab the US helped fund to make strong viruses. Why anyone would be funded to do that in I have no idea, as it just seems irresponsible.

    Next, you were told to stay at home and wear masks. Public parks were closed. Fresh open air is the best thing for people but it was closed. The masks then cause bacteria buildup and people inhale the bacteria into their lungs causing pneumonia which is deadly. But even though the holes in a mask are larger than the size of the virus and even though people can have some CO2 buildup and adverse health effects and even though science doesn't support masks, no one questions the masks.

    Next, the CDC lied about the death count. They admit in fine print only 6% died from covid, then they reduced it to 5%, now 2.5%. Then strangely all flu deaths went away because they counted them as covid.

    Then you have an antidote- HCQ and Ivermectin which have been tested by tens of thousands with no adverse side effects. But most doctors banned it. If anyone wants to get it you still can through speakwithanmd dot com. You can see all the studies at c19hcq dot com and click on ivermectin at the top.

    Then you have an experimental untested non-FDA-approved injection they call a 'vaccine' rushed to market. Now tens of thousands of people died from it, but the media never admits it. It's buried on the VAERS reporting system. Lies. Sick. Evil. Satanic. These must be the end times!
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Jesus Christ said I am the way the truth and the life, when walking by the spirit we are no longer captivated by things of the world, in Ephesians jesus Christ led captivity captive. If you choose to focus on the fear, confusion, lies, circumstances and not focus on the master you become what you focus on. There's a great Hymn Turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the Light of His Glory and Grace. God Bless
  • Carleton - in Reply
    Good evening. I am wondering why this particular post that is now older than many others remains at the top? Perhaps it is only so on my devices?

  • Carleton - in Reply
    Thank you brother in the Faith Spencer!
  • S Spencer - in Reply
    You're welcome Brother Carleton.

    Goodmorning and God bless you.
  • Sacha - in Reply
    No Carleton ,it's not just your device , I'm across the Atlantic on a mobile phone and I can still see it , it's nice to hear from you , hope you and yours are all ok .
  • S Spencer - in Reply
    Hi Carleton.

    It's on mine also, This has been going on now for a while.
  • You Search the Prophesies Ask Holy Spirit to Confirm - in Reply
    Welcome to the world of The Antichrist. He doesn't want you to think or speak the Name of Jesus.

    The same time Covid was revealed, government started closing down the churches. The church is still being persecuted! They want us to blame Jesus and His Church, for not warning us.

    Type CHINA in this website SEARCH BOX. See what you see. China and Mideastern nations will be responsible for 3 PLAGUES (mass death events). The info has been in the Bible for 2000+ years. We all had a chance to discover that. But what do we do? We discuss and confuse people with varying explanation of scripture. Matthew 24 and Luke 21, scream it out.

    SATAN IS A MASTER DECEIVER!! HE WANTS PEOPLE DEAD..and in hell with HIM!! If you were a very bad devil, what would you do? yes! This is the BLACK HORSEMAN OF DEATH. Unleashed.

    Not only does the blood of JESUS save us; it inoculates us against disease. WE HAVE TO EXERCISE OUR FAITH and ASK for it. We must be Born Again through Jesus, into the Kingdom of God. Gotta walk in the Liberty HE has provided.

    Your faith is strangling on POLITICAL PEOPLE who clearly do not follow Jesus Christ. Everyone became a mob (like the day They sentenced Jesus to die on the Cross). Prophesy is going to come true when people even know what that is. READ THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES.

    Folks, read your Bibles. Pray over what you have read. Go look on google at the Past Pandemics List. Those are plagues. See where they came from. Ask your Senators and Reps. to sanction China foods, meat, everything. Demand that Big Business do the same. For the sake of our children.

    Don't freak out. Think rationally. Make your vote be for LIFE. It's not a game of thrones.
  • Fred - in Reply
    You ,like all of us want answers in a world spiraling out of control! Are these the beginning of sorrows ,the bible speaks of? Satan is at work like never before. Knowing the times, along with the uncertainty mixed with deception that we see are more evident everyday. The evil one wants more than ever to kill and destroy, death and hell are what He thrives on! who, what ,how or why, only God knows. He warns us not to be deceived, but in all our ways we are to acknowledge Him. If you understand these things happy are ye!

    Every believer, abiding in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, is a saint! Scripture says we are saints! God is in Control! Judge not according to the flesh, but judge righteous judgment! I am resting in the promises of God. Pilate looked into Jesus eyes and asked him what is truth? Immediately after ,He turned and told the world I find no fault in this man ,no none at all. If you are looking into the eyes of Christ, you will also know the truth.
  • Derek - in Reply
    That's what I mean by false information and you just posted it assuming it's true. The inaccurate covid PCR test is gives a high % of false positives. The millions who used to get flu are still getting flu but mislabeled as covid, which is why the stats show little to no flu, despite millions getting it all other years. 3 million die per year in the US proportionate to this growing population with open borders with sick and unhealthy illegals pouring in for free healthcare and money that hardworking people like us don't get. So, the millions of deaths are normal, are they not? 612k additional people didn't die, but some additional % have died from new causes of death from the oppression of lockdowns and masks: including pneumonia from wearing masks, heart disease and suicide from stress.

    When you reward health providers with money for calling everything covid, of course they're going to label everything covid. Plus, the real info is in fine print on the CDC's own website that the deaths are all 'comorbidities' except for a tiny % fraction of that being just covid. This massive misinformation campaign fueled by media and political greed for power and control has indeed lead to deaths and blood on their hands, but not the kind of deaths being presented. This sure seems like some kind of antichrist is behind this great deceit. For those who drink the koolaid- enjoy the science behind being triple vaccinated and still wearing triple masks and being scared over a virus that's so bad that most don't even know they have it and at least 99.99% people survive it.
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Derek Hello If you look at the world you'll get frustrated when you look at Gods Word and work in Jesus Christ its truth and you get Comforted Peaceful and Blessed. Remember the world is a disorganized lie, Gods word and its promises are truth, Jesus Christ the SAme Yesterday Today and Forever. God Bless

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