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  • Marcus on Genesis 33
    Jacob's Heel Manifestation through the Grace of God.

    At birth, the redheaded brother Esau came out first followed by Jacob grabbing his brother's heel. Jacob means Heel-Grabber, supplanter, or usurper.

    ( Genesis 33) Jacob & Esau's last meeting on the trail. They part with gifts.

    Jacob and Esau fought each other for territories. Jacob the heel-grabber, is depicted as crushing Esau's hand with his heal, and the fingers on Esau's hand point to his land, Russia. Look at a map of the Black sea (sea of Azov).

    I haven't been able to identify any scriptures directly associated with this beyond what's embedded in the 2 boys struggles. No one knew the Black sea contained Jacob's heel fully till aeriel photography. Isn't that remarkable, the obvious natural illustration of the sea, it must be a testament to the Almighty.

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