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  • Dianne
    Take no thought 1 Timothy 2:14 is your proof God Bless.
  • Take no thought - in Reply
    Hello Miss Dianne , I am aware of that reference , thank you , I was looking for some proof that God said to Eve : neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die . I don't believe there is any for that , so where did Eve get that from ? My guess is from Adam , who else could have said that to her ? My point was that the adding to God's words gave an opening for the serpent ,God is never the author of confusion , I wish the same could be said of man but there's no chance of that . May God bless you .
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Take no thought What I'm seeing in that conversation in her own mind, like us when we question things that we know the answer to in Gods word, same deal. He took over very slyly and I don't believe this was an instantaneous event, he worked on her five senses because God said Verse 2:16-17 all except tree of knowledge of good and evil. First thing enemy said ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden, two changes her mistake considering, then goes downhill got her attention. I believe to a degree believers go through this in different areas. Something to think about.
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Take no thought I apologize to answer you question Genesis 3:3 sorry! Also I don't believe Adam was around when she was tempted, adversary hit the weakest link so to speak.
  • Take no thought - in Reply
    Hello Miss Dianne , thats ok , no worries , I would like to share my other thoughts about this with you if I may , these are only my thoughts ,not doctrine . I believe that Adam loved Eve very much ,honestly , I believe Adam loved Eve more than he loved God , I think that Adam probably added to God's instructions about not eating the fruit by saying something like " don't even go near that tree and definitely don't touch it at all " he doesn't want her to make a mistake and get into trouble so he warns her off the tree but makes the mistake of adding to God's instructions , I sympathize with him , he's looking out for her . Then , when he sees what she has done , I can't imagine how he felt but I guess he was horrified and terrified , but not so much because she had disobeyed but because he thought he was going to lose her , she was going to die , he must have felt awful . I don't know why he ate of the fruit as well , at this point he could have chosen not to eat it . Maybe he thought he would go where ever Eve was going to go when she died , I don't know . So , to put it briefly , Adam loved Eve and his love for her made him make the mistake of adding to God's word , the serpent recognised this and took advantage of the situation by showing Eve that she would not die if she touched the fruit , Eve doubted Adams words now because she touched the fruit and did not die so she then ate some , poor Adam . What was going on in his mind when he ate it , I have no idea . What a mess . I will have to learn to be more succinct ! Sorry .
  • Dianne - in Reply
    TNT take this into consideration those two were the only two people on this planet and they lived in a perfect environment, were only given one commandment and didn't focus learn listen adhere remember. They lost focus on what God told them. Our five senses heads do the same thing, from time to time, If you choose to read Romans 7:14-21 very insightful. With Adam and Eve I don't dwell on where there heads were but learn where to keep mine. God Bless
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Take no thought I apologize to answer you question Genesis 3:3 sorry!

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