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  • Gertrude Hasmaris

    You are a dear, bless your heart, may you and your lucky husband prosper in heart. The other thread was closed for fundamental vanity, so I'm posting on the main page, cause I like you in a very normal 90's way. I was the 1st one to answer your poll, and I'll add another one. God is gifting you spiritual thoughts that turn into truth goosebumps.

    What's happening now has always been happening since the inception of UK/US & others, state propaganda, but now, with tech, it's too hard to hide their exploits. Poor Iran, getting bullied by Israel; I can picture the pillar of thick black smoke, as new years day draws closer. These war developments will be answered with the usual smattering of unrest, then suddenly continents go dark ( Isaiah 13:11).

    I meditate, have a float tank and it is the best get away for my mind, a reset. My night visions are vivid and directly connected to scripture, no man made doctrines or theories for me. Heaven's Gate can wait, Jim Jones can roll the bones.
  • Sacha - in Reply
    Gertrude ,I have been in a floatation pool many years ago , I was working with the handicapped and went in with an old man who's arm and back had been rigid for many years , it was amazing ,after about ten minutes he was as loose as a jelly fish , I've seen the tanks but they look a bit too coffinesque for my liking , I have to say that music is my relaxation , mostly English but I do love nirvana , Jefferson airplane and the b52's , I know some Christians think that music is evil and art and literature are pointless but I don't agree , God knows that we all need some happiness and relaxation in this life and He provides talent ,gifts if you like , this can be a very stressful life and we all need to find safe and healthy ways to unwind , I love to bounce around my living room to something loud , yes , even in my 50's I can still bounce ! I don't believe that God wants us to be miserable in this life and since I have know the truth ,about 27 years , I have actually found it quite hard to be sad at all for any length of time , when you have something as fantastic as the Kingdom of God to look forward to it's hard not to be happy . Stay safe and keep floating .
  • Gertrude Hasmaris - in Reply

    I agree with what you say, and what a relief I don't have to release my vengeance on you. Oh ho ho, no, just kidding. Sometimes my sense of humor is fit to be tied.

    Pink Floyd, The Who, Stones, CCR are some of the music my neighbors like to hear. Ever head a song by The Call, called "The Walls Came Down" about Jericho, on YouTube? It's special. I have been sending you Warren references all along the way. Tootles.

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