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  • Chuck on John 3
    As i read the whole chapter 3. i wanted to know if this is correct that jesus spoke directly in verses 3,5-8,10-12 because really i think i was told by a sunday school class teacher when i was alot younger that parts of 3:16 was john's interpretation an not sure that jesus spoke this great verses

    3:15-21!!!!! as i read it today i feel like jesus spoke allot about this an that john's chapter 3 remembered about all that because the helper the holy gost brought all this back to his reminded as well as nicodemus whom i would surely think meet with some if not all of the disciples after the resurrection of jesus christ our lord an discuss with them events as john was the disciple whom it stated jesus loved

  • Chris - in Reply on John 3
    Hi Chuck. Do you remember which Bible version that your Sunday School teacher was using at the time; or which one you & the other kids were using? I think the problem stems from how the translators view this portion of Scripture. So your teacher could have told you that all of John 3:16-21 were not Jesus' Words but John's own words - that Jesus' Words ended at verse 15. My guess is that he/she was using one of these versions: the NIV, NET or GNT Bibles; & there could be others too that could be added to that list which show that the Lord's Words ended at verse 15.

    However, most translators believe & have included quotation marks all the way from John 3:10-21, believing that this was a complete discourse given to Nicodemus by Jesus only. I believe this to be correct, as the Gospels were written by these four men as they recalled Jesus' Words, travels, encounters with other people, etc., & not to give their own understanding/impressions of spiritual Truth. When we go to the Epistles (e.g. 1, 2, 3 John), then we begin to see their personal teaching to believers based on their own experiences with Jesus, what they learnt from Him & the direction of the indwelling Holy Spirit to pen these letters.

    So brother, even though the KJV, & a few others, don't use quotation marks (according to their absence in the original texts), I believe that if they did, then they would include the whole passage from John 3:10-21 as Jesus' Words to Nicodemus. I hope this helps you.
  • Chuck - in Reply on John 3
    Thanks for letting me know about this and like you i believe jesus spoke all the way to 21 as well !!!!!! god bless you an thanks again!!!!

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