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  • Sacha
    Hi everyone , this is a serious question and I'm genuinely interested in everyone's answer , ive noticed that quite a few people on here don't really believe that coronavirus is real or maybe it's real but not dangerous etc , I would like to know if anyone thinks it's a "sign of the times " , an indication that the return of Christ is very near , I would like as many different people as possible to reply if that's ok , a bit like a quick show of hands , thanks to you all .
  • OSEAS - in Reply

    The Christians believers must be focused in the signs of the END of this WORLD and return of the Lord JESUS Christ. Soon we will enter in the period of 7 days known as the last week-Dan.9:v.27. The Word is God, what is written will fulfill LITERALLY.

    Matthew 24:1-8

    1 Jesus went out,and departed from the temple:and his disciples came to Him for to shew Him the buildings of the temple.

    2 And Jesus said unto them,See ye not all these things?verily I say unto you,There shall not be left here one stone upon another,that shall not be thrown down.

    (This prophecy fulfilled LITERALLY in the year 70AD,and Israel was banned from their land during 1878 years,in fulfilment Deuteronomy 28:15-68).

    3 And as JESUS sat upon the mount of Olives,the disciples came unto him privately,saying,Tell us,when shall these things be?

    - and what shall be THE SIGN of thy coming?

    - And of the END of the world?

    Here's the signs listed by JESUS:

    4 And Jesus answered:

    - Take heed that no man deceive you. (this was the first concerns of JESUS)

    5 For many shall come in my name,saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

    -(Soon will manifest the Beast of the earth who has two horns like a lamb,actually a false lamb,a false messiah,AN IMPOSTER,as said JESUS- John 5:v.43 combined with Rev.13:v.11.(Check it)

    6 And ye shall hear of WARS and RUMOURS of WARS:see that ye be not troubled:for all these things must come to pass,but the END is not yet.

    7 For nation shall rise against nation,and kingdom against kingdom:and there shall be famines,AND PESTILENCES,and earthquakes in divers places.


    Will be G7,and G20,and EU,and UNO,among others Entities,DISSOLVED from now on?According 2Pe.3:11&12,day after day the HAPPENINGS in this World will go in this direction.

    v.8 - All these are the beginning of sorrow. -Yeah,THE WORST will come yet,in near future.

    Is it written in the Word of GOD? Then will fulfill LITERALLY. The Word is GOD
  • Ronald L Whittemore - in Reply
    Hi Sacha,

    This virus may be a test for something to come. What I see is the effect it had world-wide and what it has done to the world economic standings. I really do not see the virus as a sign. But looking at the world debt could be. Every country on earth is in debt, even China. One more hit to the world economy like last year, and it could open the door to world changes. If another pandemic hits can the world bare the cost? Can any country pay off the debt, I know the United States cannot? The dollar is the World Currency, most international trade is conducted in dollars, so what if it fails, will that start the ball rolling?

    Just a thought from a simple man.

    Hope this helps God bless you Sacha

  • Sacha - in Reply
    Thanks RLW , Like to get lots of different answers to my questions , I think some times people are afraid to say what they think , they feel that if they can't back it up with scripture they shouldn't give their opinion but I don't judge people , I like to know how scripture inspires our thoughts and mental meanderings , I think it's ok to speculate as long as we recognise it as speculation .
  • Jesse - in Reply

    I believe the virus is real. Some of us have had loved ones impacted by it. It's not the virus that concerns me as much as it is the government and media lying to us about it. As far as it being a "sign of the times" or an indication that the return of Christ is near, I don't believe so because in past pandemics, people (not you personally) have said the same things. What I see as being more of a sign is that everywhere we look, it's as though this world is becoming more and more of a godless world.

    The scripture speaks of a "falling away." The word is APOSTASIA. It means that people will leave the truth of the gospel, leave the faith in Christ, and it will be a godless world more and more. Many profess to be Christian, but they themselves have never been born of God's Spirit. They are the ones Paul wrote about in 1 Timothy 4:1.

    We have that in our day. Someone speaks of an experience, and then they scramble to find the doctrine to back it up. When Satan presents the things of God, he gives an experience first, and then a twisting of the scripture to back it up. Some of us may have been in assemblies where things seemed a little strange. And it's the seducing of that atmosphere and experience that draws people to supposedly be following Christ.

    You might see me at times telling others to be careful. We come on here and we don't always agree with each other on everything, but out of love, we need to lookout for each other. My one true concern for (everyone) here is for their spiritual welfare. Recently, I've noticed (maybe others also) that there are some strange things being shared here. Another believer even stated his concern about how some of these things might harm a new believer who is seeking truth.

    We have to be careful. I feel like we are seeing this falling away (APOSTASIA) unfolding before our eyes. That's enough to cause me to believe that the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ might be nearer that we think. Even so, come Lord Jesus!
  • Sacha - in Reply
    Thank you Jesse , I agree with everything you say , it's evident that we have a few babes in Christ who visit here regularly , I know when I was first reading the Bible I didn't want to hear too much of other people's opinions , I'm sorry to say I've never been a person who trusts others easily so this made me want to find out everything by myself , this may take us longer to find things out but when it's done that way you really do feel the courage of your convictions because they are your own convictions not some one else's , I've been reading the Bible for over twenty years and each time I read it I discover something new , Im pretty sure I still have lots to learn and I'm enjoying every minute of it , still after over twenty years I feel like a babe most of the time ,!
  • PANDEMICS IN 2021 part one - in Reply
    Jesus said the end of all things would feel like birth pain. Mild gives way to violent pain and pushing.

    If you go on Google, type in: Pandemics LIST.

    The CDC created it with their info.

    Through history, Pandemics (diseases) have

    increased in severity (like birth); and death totals.

    The difference is now The Four Horsemen have appeared to do their Devilish works.

    I was doodling in the Search Engine last year, and I was curious to see if 'China' was in the Bible somewhere? They are!! Even their current National colors (red, blue, yellow). I will follow this with a new post of those scriptures.

    This is how we know the end of all things is closer than ever. I get a flu shot every year. In 1996, I almost died from flu. God did not say, don't do that. Keep your faith strong on the Blood of Jesus. Pray over every mouthful of food or snacks: the Lords Prayer. If you forget, apologize and then pray :) Prayer and Faith in Jesus will be our strength.

    Look at the Pandemics List and let us all practice cleanliness, pray like we should, trust in Gods Word. Tell Others. Evangelize Means: CARRY THE GOOD NEWS. Everybody has THE CALL from Jesus, to do that. We don't get to stand on one foot and pretend CLUELESSNESS.

    Love you guys and gals, and I pray everyone will hear this word.

    Look for the 2nd Post on the China Scriptures.
  • Adam - in Reply
    I can say I will never get a shot (vaccine) again after finding out all the random experimental stuff they sneak in. Not sure if its for their own amusement or research paper credentials or what. There's a lot they conceal and it's suspicious how they want legal protection for themselves too. If it were so safe why would they either need government to grant legal immunity or have you sign a waiver? I'm not sure it's the mark of the beast, but it sure does raise many red flags, especially when people have bad effects or die and that's just swept under the rug. We should all pray hard before taking experimental medicine.
  • Bill M - in Reply
    3 million dying per year in the USA is fairly normal for a growing population with countless additional illegal aliens pouring in the open borders. I think a corona virus is like a cold virus, because old text books literally call it that. 99.9% survive it, and many don't know they even have it or have hardly any symptoms. It was created in the wuhan lab intentionally to try to make it strong and there are some very evil things surrounding that being released into the public. What I think happens is the initial cold virus will weaken someone and making them vulnerable to die from other things, especially those with weaker immune symptoms, either due to smoking, food or substance addition, heart disease, cancer, etc. For instance wearing a mask allows bacteria to grow in a dark damp area right by someone's airways making vulnerable to an illness like pneumonia, especially after they've already had a cold. I think the death count you see is mostly deaths that already occur ever year. We only had around 3 million die last year, more than 3 million births. If there was a pandemic there would have been substantially more than that. But it's not much different than Obama having an uptrend during his term for ebola, swine flu, etc. The death count is clearly manipulated, so providers can get extra subsidies. We have a society that shames and cancels anyone with diversity of thought who tries to use reason and ask questions, which is akin to a nazi germany control-type of situation. No doubt the time for the Lord to come is drawing nearer. We are seeing people act in nonsensical ways and many have died unnecessarily based on the government mandates and controls. I don't believe anything on the news anymore. They act like gods and gatekeepers of the truth, but in reality are feeding misinformation and censoring anyone who has a different viewpoint, which often results in the truth being filtered out.
  • Gertrude Hasmaris - in Reply

    If you got the flu from 3 years ago, today, the medical community would say you have Covid-19. This bs was planned out long ago. Govt's are satan wrapped in gun metal magnets. Enjoy your end-time journey, even if it gets bomby. Oh, I meant balmy.

    If you can analyze what 9-11-01 was, you will have found your compass. The last 3 trumpets are the ones that count, the sixth trumpet is 80% of end-time prophesy.
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Sacha We know from Gods word because of who runs the world that until Christ returns there will be floods of not good stuff. Look at Jn.10:10 steal kill destroy, that's all he does he meaning the adversary man brings a lot on himself disobeying God. That's why keep looking at the word and looking forward to the return, also lots of people say its going to happen soon, I don't know that. There are plenty of people who have said that the bible says quoting Jesus Christ no one knows but God. Thats my perspective
  • Chase McLaren - in Reply

    Daniel 9:27 speaks to me differently. That verse is an esoteric overview, the abomination that makes desolate in the midst of the week, and where anti-christ is revealed (Babylon falling away). There is only a 42 month window for anti-christ, we only have the 2nd half of the week left.

    27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    Something tells me you won't let go of your doctrines, and you'd be remiss to not profess 2 beasts having 42 months consecutive power in antichrists 7 year kingdom.
  • OSEAS - in Reply

    Oh no,"There is (NOT) only a 42 month(a half window)window for anti-christ, we (NOT)only have the 2nd half of the week left", oh no, absolutely. What prevails is the Word of GOD, as follow:

    Revelation 11:2+ Revelation 13:v.1-10-the Beast of sea-Gentile Beast

    Read a Bible

    First the COURT which is without the temple is(will be)given unto the Gentiles:and the holy city-JERUSALEM-shall they tread under foot 42 months(Rev.11:2), that is the FIRST HALF of the week-3,5 years- which will be ruled by the Beast of sea-REV.13:v.5, actually a Gentile Beast. This MAN Beast is the Pope, the Papacy, a false Christianity,a religious and satanic MONSTER of 7 heads, and 10 horns that is spread around the world - Europe(1),and Asia(2),Africa(3), Oceania(Australia)(4),North America(5),Central America(6)and South America(7),and upon his 7 heads a name of blasphemy-Vicarius Filii Dei.By the way, one of his 7 heads will be wounded to death by a sharp Sword from now on, but his wound will be healed by the esoteric,and kabbalistic,and spiritist false messiah.The satanic Beast of sea is/will be linked to the great Dragon-Satan-who will work with the monstruos structures around the world of the Roman Catholic Church- REVELATION 13:v2-,which rides upon the Beast of sea-the Pope,the Papacy-since ancient times.

    As soon the Pope be enthroned in Jerusalem by the Dragon giving to the Pope(the MAN Beast of sea),his Throne,and Power,and great Authority(Rev.13:2),the BODY OF THE GREAT DRAGON,the OLD Serpent,called the Devil and Satan,will be materially and spiritually complete with his 7 heads,10 horns and a terrible TAIL.

    The two strong and powerful Beasts above described, both will build and establish a satanic and Universal religious KINGDOM-Judaism and Catholicism-THE ANTICHRIST's KINGDOM-,and the Gentile MAN Beast of sea-the Pope-will rule the FIRST HALF of the week (3,5years)enthroned in JERUSALEM by the Dragon,spiritually called Sodom and Egypt.

    Be careful and get ready
  • Dianne - in Reply
    Chase You can lead certain people to water that doesn't mean their going to drink, another one of my favorites a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. God Bless
  • OSEAS - in Reply
    Really the God's people,much more now, need a lot of wisdom,it because Satan will manifest himself in Israel disguised as messiah,IN FACT an esoteric,and kabbalistic,and spiritist messiah,actually AN IMPOSTER- John 5:v.43.

    Satan is a wise in Torah,he is wiser than Daniel the prophet,as GOD revealed to Ezekiel 28:1-3,and he will oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God,or that is worshipped;so that he as God will sit in the temple of God,shewing himself that he is God.He will be the future guide of the esoteric,and kabbalistic,and spiritist Judaism,and as"messiah" he will be the most important ruler of Israel.

    The false messiah will use all structures of the Roman Catholic Church in the 7 regions of the Earth;I mean,Europe,Asia, Africa,Oceania(Australia),North America,Central Amrica,and South America(7 regions)for establishing a MONSTROUS religious and satanic Empire,the Antichrist's kingdom.

    By the way,the false messiah,enthroned in Jerusalem,the great city called spiritually Sodom and Egypt-Rev.11:8-,in the FIRST HALF of the last week of 7 years-Dan.9:v.27,he will give to the guide of the RCC, the Pope, his Power,and his Throne(IN JERUSALEM),and great Authority-Rev.13:v.2.

    The false messiah-Satan-son of perdition and MAN of sin,he will exerciseth all the power of the FIRST Beast(the Pope) before him,and causeth the earth(Israel)and them which dwell therein to worship the first(MAN)Beast(the Pope enthroned by him in JERUSALEM),whose deadly wound was(will be)healed.Rev.13:v.12.

    13 And he doeth(will do)great wonders,so that he(will)make fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

    14 And(will)deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the Beast;saying to them that dwell on the earth(Israel),that they should make an image to the Beast(the Pope),which had the wound by a Sword,and did live.

    The fulfilment of above will begin after the death of Pope Francis so soon.
  • Thomas Wanderlay - in Reply
    Bill M,

    The other "they" from a far away land, will place a bruise on "evil" Mystery Babylon and this Holy mountain will turn to stubble.

    ( Isaiah 14:5-8)

    5 They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.

    6 Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

    7 Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:

    8 And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

    This is what I like to talk about, the events that bring us closer to the Lord, the events that won't be put off. Whoever that vile Mystery Babylon is, know that the US military will make quick work off them, cause we're exceptional, and God's on our side. Go God go!
  • Thomas Wanderlay - in Reply
    Bill M,

    I noticed I placed the wrong chapter, it's ( Isaiah 13:5-8)
  • Harold - in Reply

    The US is such a big scam, I feel sorry for the youth dying on the vine. The shots scam is more govt control. I'm under the impression that America is purposely behaving like the beast. Two things in particular get me. The US govt courts the devil until the devil uses the US as a sacrifice.
  • Norman Walker - in Reply
    We do not know why the virus came here or who did it. Non of us know. There are people that do know but we do not. I believe it was planted and will always believe that but I do not know. Other than what the Bible tells us we do not have any idea when the end of time will be. I do know that this world we live in is getting worse and worse every single day and the Bible is being fulfulled more and more every day. There are so many people that think they know more than anyone else about everything and when in fact they do not know any more than any one else does. The virus is real because I caught it or at least that is what they said in the rehab I was in after a very serious blood poison I had in my body and died twice and was brought back or at least that is what they said happened to me and was given a shot for it and I was fine. Point is the end if coming and the Bible is being fulfilled and that is as plain as the nose on your face. I hope I do not come across the wrong way I just have seen this site completly change in the last six months to so many people that think they know more than any one else does. There is also some really nice people that quote the Bible in every thing they say. I am a believer and I am a siner and I thank God every day and night for watching over me and my family all these years. Just take everything day by day and stop worring about things you have no control over and if you are a God fearing person and live by His rules and you believe that Jesus walked the face of this earth then you have nothing to worry about. Just saying what comes to mind when I read this site now. Amen

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