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  • Alec on Proverbs 1
    so does Proverbs 1 24-28 mean that some will wait to long to be able to repent and not be able to find God, including some who may have repented and backslid to long knowing right from wrong and choosing wrong? The way i read this is there will be some who get into trouble and after a life of sin try to find God to get out of trouble but don't really want to repent and so they won't find God. Is this correct?
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 1
    Dear Alec,

    Maybe you're referring to the last part of the chapter, especially the last verse Proverbs 1:33.

    In my opinion this is talking about following God (Jesus) or not. It makes a distinction between someone who hears wisdom and truth and obeys and fears the Lord and someone who doesn't. I think this is what we're seeing in the world today- a lot of fake news and foolishness that people want to believe. They hate the truth. They hate God and mock Him.

    As for backsliding, I personally believe we will be judged for all our actions and be punished/rewarded fairly and justly. But I believe Jesus's grace has a huge allowance for genuine followers who try but slip up. I believe all can be forgiven except blasphemy of the holy spirit.

    God bless...

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