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  • David Wilson on Psalms 41
    I recently left the church, I have attended for many years, to attend the Church where my wife attends so that we may worship together. She had left the original Church for personal reasons and will not return. I did not talk with the Pastor about my leaving but did speak with the Head Deacon of the Church about this matter. On Sunday the Pastor mentioned my leaving, not by name, but did use the Psalm 41 passage as a reference. I am not his enemy but this is the impression I received from him with this reading. I am not leaving GOD'S house just moving on the way I feel the Lord is leading me to go. Appreciate your input.
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 41
    Hello David,

    Pastors and church leadership are imperfect sinners like anyone else. Some feel threatened, feel insecure, feel they need to justify their job position to others or to themselves, and sometimes make misguided decisions, and false assumptions.

    I don't know the context of the Psalms 41 mention, because in itself there's both positive verses like verse 2, but others could be potentially interpreted as negative. If I were to guess I'd say that pastors may feel pressure to grow the church and is a measure of their job performance and they may feel insecure when someone (especially someone who has been an integral member) leaves, because they may take it personally and goes against their goals.

    That being said, pastors leave churches too then rationalize it at the time. Most missionaries are transient and move around to build and encourage churches- not really rooted in one place too long on average. That's what Paul did. I see leaving as a positive thing- new opportunities to serve others, meet a new community and who knows what else God can use you for. To claim that people moving somehow automatically means it's leaving God's house sounds disingenuous and manipulative to me. But I've heard all kinds of logical fallacies used in God's name used to manipulate and cause others guilt. I think this is very wrong. Pastors are in a position of influence and I've unfortunately heard them abuse their power before.

    So, I would not let 1 persons opinion and possible insecure comments adversely affect you. It's hard to hear things like that instead of words of appreciation after committing so long to one church.

    God bless...

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