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  • Cynthia M Ogwo on Genesis 5

    verse 24 says that Enoch walked with mean God took him so why is the answer to question also stating that Eliajah was taking up to do that mean he never seen death on earth too?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Genesis 5

    Neither Enoch nor Elijah saw death before God took them. They were taken from this earth before seeing death, the same way that we (Born again believers) who are alive will be taken when Christ comes for His church. We will be taken the same way God took Enoch and Elijah. Could these possibly be the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation chapter 11? The bible does not tell us the names of the two witnesses but it seems to fit. Why God took them, we are unsure. But I would have to believe that these two men were truly faithful to God in all their ways!
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Genesis 5
    Brother Jesse, everything in Old Testament was witness of the coming of Christ.

    Since we call the Old Testament the law and prophets:

    I BELIEVE the two witnesses represent the law and prophets, but the law and prophets are made up of dozens and dozens of saints that had they part in the Spirit's WORK.

    As for Enoch and Elijah being translated. Scripture only mentions these two, but there could be innumerable, we don't know. These two are our example, as you said, we are translated the same way.

    Food for thought, the Spirit reveals.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Genesis 5
    Hello Earl,

    I see the Old Testament as history and prophecy, history of God working through and in His people (the children of Israel), and prophecy about the coming Messiah. The Hebrew OT is arranged differently than our English Bible and is broken down into three sections: The Law (Torah), which is Genesis through Deuteronomy, The Prophets (Neviim) which is Joshua through Malachi, (minus Ruth, Lamentations, and Daniel) and then the writings (Ketuvim) which is Job through 2 Chronicles (including Ruth, Lamentations & Daniel). As far as the two witnesses, these are (two) people that will be protected by God. And they will be testifying in the streets of Jerusalem for 3-1/2 years.

    You are correct in saying that the scripture only speaks of two (Enoch/Elijah) that were taken before experiencing death. But as far as the possibility of a numerous number of others who were possibly translated the same, I cannot entertain that thought.
  • Johnathan Taylor - in Reply
    Cynthia M Ogwo,

    I can guarantee you that both Enoch and Elijah saw death in their day. If you are not taking into account that the writers are romanticizing their stories, you are being gullible. That's like thinking the sun stood still when that is scientifically impossible. Stop thinking Biblical figures can defy all laws of nature. These prophets slept with their fathers, like David. Discernment is key to keeping fantasy doctrine at bay.

    Enoch & Elijah are not the 2 witness, think bigger. Just because anti-christ causes the waters to turn to blood, and the rain is withheld, doesn't mean its the work of Enoch & Elijah. Elijah is called to duty BEFORE the day of the Lord ( Malachi 4:5). The 2 witnesses are the ones in Revelation 7.
  • LEON DAVIS - in Reply
    Jonathan Taylor, obviously you do not believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God because you are casting dispersions on the veracity of its content. I am curious whether you are a Christ follower, for it is impossible for one to call himself a Christian and not consider the Holy Bible to be Truth, every word of it!

    Zechariah 4:1-3; 11-14 and Revelation 11:7 speak of the two witnesses; not Revelation 7. Also, with a high degree of probability, the two witnesses are Moses and Elijah, for they were with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration ( Matt. 17:1-3), and performed the supernatural acts mentioned in Revelation 11:5-6.
  • Cynthia Ogwo - in Reply on Genesis 5
    Okay, Thanks for your spontaneous feedback and you would be preferring too the two oil trees standing before the God of the earth. Amen
  • Johnathan Taylor - in Reply
    Cynthia Ogwo,

    Yes. I am speaking of he two olive trees and two candlesticks that stand before God. These represent the two houses of Israel, 144k sealed from death 42 months. Even though they are mentioned in separate incantations in Revelation 5, Revelation 7, Revelation 11, Revelation 12, Revelation 14 & Revelation 20, the self-proclaimed 'smart ones' can't recognize them, or figure out who they are.

    It is amazing how far off the "learned" are with their tired explanations. Then they try to give instructions based on faulty interpretations.
  • Johnathan Taylor - in Reply

    Historically who did the olive trees and candlesticks represent? Israel & Judah. Write down the time line and characteristics of the 2 witnesses and the 144K, and you will be upset to realize that they are one in the same. Can you tell the difference between literal and allegory, not even when they are described in 6 chapters of Revelation? Tell me when humility sets in.
  • LEON DAVIS - in Reply
    Brother Johnathan, the beginning statement of the final paragraph of the first post was that "No one should personally decide that is truth and what is allegorical." Thank you.
  • LEON DAVIS - in Reply
    Johnathan, this discussion board is not a forum for one to purposely attempt to "humiliate" a fellow believer; such is not of Christ. We are here to share and edify in love.

    Concerning the two witnesses, God always has multiple applications of a theme. Christ and the Holy Ghost are His two greatest witnesses ( John 14:16; 15:26). The Southern and Northern Kingdoms, Judah and Israel, were His two witnesses. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin became God's two witnesses when the Northern Kingdom veered into idolatry under Jeroboam. Lastly, God's two witnesses today are the Jewish and Christian folds of the kingdom ( John 10:16).

    The conversation centered on God's two great witnesses among the prophets ( Rev. 11:3, 10); for they will sit at the right and left hand of Christ ( Matt. 20:21-23). As evidence on the Mount of Transfiguration, these two witnesses are Moses and Elijah ( Matt. 17:1-3).

    Brother, one should personally decide what is truth and what is allegorical. All would agree that the Book of Revelation is highly symbolic and allegorical. However, Christ was speaking straightforwardly when He said John the Baptist was Elijah. The writer of Hebrews was speaking factually when he said neither Enoch nor Melchisedec died. Some say that the Book of Job was allegorical. However, God verified that he was a person ( Ezek. 14:14). Some think the story of Jonah was a fable. Yet, Christ spoke of him as being a real person ( Matt. 16:4).
  • Dimitri - in Reply
    In order to understand the scriptures we need an apostle of God, and I thank God for sending unto us his Apostle Gino Jennings!!!
  • Jesse - in Reply

    Jesus tells us in John 14:26 that the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, number one, the provision: He will teach you all things. It is God's Spirit in His people that is teaching them.

    In 1 John 2:27, John says but the anointing which you have received of Him abides in you (Literally Present Tense). And then he says that you need not that any man should teach you. Why? It's because they have already been taught, and they have the anointing of God living inside of them. What is interesting with this is that this is the Apostle John telling them that they do not need any man (Including himself) to teach them because they had God's Spirit in them to do that.

    By the way, the word anoint in the Greek text is CHRIO, and that's the base word for CHRISTOS for Christ. When God's Spirit is in us and teaches us, once God has established us in the truth, we don't need people to come along and say "Hey, I've got a new revelation or teaching." Once we are grounded, not in what any man teaches us, but on what John teaches, what Paul teaches, and what Peter teaches, once we have been grounded by them, we have no need that anyone else come along and teach us.

    Dimitri, please know that I am not saying that we should not listen to what others are saying, whether they be pastors or not. I'm just trying to tell you to be careful and search the scriptures to see if what this man is speaking, or any man for that matter, is the truth. We must be totally dependent upon God's Spirit to confirm any message being taught to see if it is true. I would also like to encourage you to look up the biblical qualifications of an apostle to see if this man meets the criteria. It is my understanding that after the Apostle John's passing, no other man met the criteria to be an apostle.
  • Winston Bartmon - in Reply

    I too like the great Geno Jennings. Jennings earned most of his wealth from overseeing the First Church of our Lord Jesus Christ and selling his book online.

    I saw him with Jesse saying "Up with hope, down with dope"

    I call just to say hi, and give a small donation.
  • Johnathan Taylor - in Reply

    I looked over your work, and you are stretching the story to fit your narrative that keep coming back around to Moses and Elijah. They are not the 2 witnesses. Matthew 20:21-20:23 is reaching to think those seats are for two people, when the witness are the 144k. There's no point going any further when you are married to your personal doctrine. ( Matthew 15:7-9) You didn't listen to what I said about who they are. I will not accept fairy tales, bogus doctrine.

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