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  • C.P. Machovsky on Luke 21:22
    "All things which are written" refers to all Old Testament Prophecy. What is evident then, is that nothing of a specific nature, prophesied before the end of the war of 70 AD, can be fulfilled. An example is the future restoration of Israel, foretold in the Old Testament. During the time of Christ, God used every means available to persuade His people to accept His beloved Son, and to remain faithful to Him. But many would not. Those who rejected Christ to the very end had their names blotted out of the Book of Life. While the faithful Jews had their salvation confirmed, and were Raptured, the rest were left behind, and they and their descendants remain to this day as Gentiles, in other words, blinded Jews. This, by the way, was God's last attempt to gather His people to Himself. Those who remained faithful are, no doubt, in heaven. The others, who try to live by the Law, are under the curse. At any rate, they can only be saved the same way Gentiles are saved, by faith in Jesus Christ. Isaiah 6 gives proof that no future generation of Israel will be punished for what evil their ancestors did, nor rewarded for any good things their forefathers did. And Deuteronomy 7 reveals that, while God keeps His covenants for a "thousand generations" (meaning all eternity), He only keeps his promises to those who love Him and obey His commandments.


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