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  • Maryfran53223 on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Lord you are my health and my strength. Without you all my good is as filthy rags.
  • Speaking Life and Peace INTO our bodies - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Prayer for Healing

    I pray against sickness in my coming and going. I pray against any form of sickness coming near me, my family, or near my vicinity. I claim my healing against: (speak your disease out now) in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I declare by the power and authority of the Holy Ghost, that no illness, spirit of infirmity or sickness attack from the enemy shall prevail against me in Jesus's mighty name. I am covered by the Blood of Jesus.

    I confess Jesus Christ as my infinite Healer, and by His holy stripes and mighty authority, I declare that I am totally healed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.I render every satanic attack against me bound up and cast out by the Name of Jesus! every spiritual foundation of sickness, and I command every infirmities spirit to bow down right now to the authority that is in the name of Jesus Christ. Go into outer darkness. Do not return in Jesus of Nazareth name!

    I say with confidence that I am the healed of the LORD Jesus Christ. I cover myself and family with Christ's precious holy blood of Jesus and I declare by His holy might and righteousness, dominion and authority that it shall continue to be well with me and my family in all dominion, and dimensional realms.

    I forbid by the authority of the Holy Ghost any reoccurrence of sickness in my life. I claim immunity for me and for my family against every form of sicknesses with the atonement blood of Jesus Christ. I declare that we carry the mark of Christ Jesus; therefore, let no infirmities spirits ever trouble us!

    In Jesus of Nazareth holy name and by His righteous authority I have decreed and declared! I stand in faith. Amen.

    Do not listen to the lies of Doubt. It's not anything we do right, to be healed. It is solely your trust in what Jesus says.

    Jesus's Blood sacrifice is more lethal than anything satan is using. Preface healing scriptures with: IT IS WRITTEN...(speak scripture)

    Get rowdy :)
  • Lauren - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Amen to this!

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