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  • Carol Mardis on John 2
    Where it says v.14 that Christ drove out the buyers and sellers from the temple , my understanding is that there should be no buying or selling within the church . Not even religious items , is this correct ?
  • Church Book Tables or Lending Libraries - in Reply on John 2
    If you ask any Pastor, only about 20% of the congregation are tithing. It's hard for me to find Christian bookstores where I live, so I don't mind perusing through books and pamphlets on my way to the parking lot. I may buy some that are good handouts for impromptu evangelistic opportunities that come up.

    If we're praying to the Lord of the Harvest, to send workers into the harvest; sometimes that's us :D One of my attention grabbers is "Whatcha Got?" I know, it's lame but my face is funny.

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