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  • Perry Shelton
    My question is about woman who had an issue of blood and she touch (action/ works) Jesus garment with faith, and she was healed.

    Question- What was the women issue of blood? And what action/works can be used today for a man with faith to be heal with a blood issue (multiple myeloma cancer).

    I have multiple myeloma cancer which I think can be considered a blood issue.

    I have good if not great faith, however Jesus is not physically here to perform works and show Him my faith. I know God can see and/know our faith, but what type of work is what I don't know.
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply
    Brother Perry, may CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

    God's WILL BE DONE in you battle with cancer.

    Most have not been taught the truth about FAITH. Let's let scripture give insight to truth.

    Philippians 3:9 And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is THROUGH THE FAITH OF CHRIST, the righteousness which is of God by FAITH (OF CHRIST).

    James 2:17 Even so FAITH (OF CHRIST), if it hath not works (OF CHRIST), is alone.

    Man does nothing of himself ALL IS THE GIFT (WORKS) OF GOD.

    If we apply these scriptures to Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood, we she her being healed by the faith that went from him to her. Faith and works (healing).

    We know it was HIS FAITH and HIS WORKS because he told his followers that he felt virtue go out of him into her.

    When Christ GIVES you his faith, his faith is followed by his works. Natural and physical healing often times is not the works being done, but spiritual healing.

    Isaiah 43:7 .... I have created him for MY GLORY ....

    Isaiah 48:11 ...and I will not give MY GLORY to another .....

    Go in the FAITH and WORKS OF CHRIST and HIS WILL BE DONE in this battle (natural and spiritual).

  • S Spencer - in Reply
    James 2:17 Even so FAITH (OF CHRIST), if it hath not works (OF CHRIST), is alone.

    I like the way you put that Brother Earl.

    God bless
  • I Agree With You and Will Pray For You - in Reply
    I want to enlarge your faith to be healed. You need to accept the fact that Jesus is Now working through His Body that is alive on earth, working through His Church. You need to get your faith ROCK SOLID, in 1 CORINTHIANS 12.

    We are not to run around looking for faith healers. They are in Church, every week. Jesus heals us through His Word (the Bible). The Holy Spirit he sent to his Church on Pentecost; lives within EACH believer. He is the one who is touching us, through the hands of the Body Of Christ.

    When your faith is strengthened, you can touch yourself and others, in JESUS NAME. Your human MIND will be assaulted daily, by a gang of demons: their Names: Infirmity, Myeloma, Death, Doubt, Lying Spirit, Fear, Torments. That's their assignment. Satan just wants us dead.

    Get your faith up and FIGHT BACK.

    Learn how to introduce Praise of God into your home. It brings in the angels (who hearken to Gods WORD); and it scares the demons. Trust me? Listen out loud to some DION songs from Kingdom in the Streets album, on Youtube; every day. Let your spirit turn from worry and doubt and breathe deeply of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit may give you names. You repeat: in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, by His Authority, I order the demon of____, to be bound and cast into dry places of outer darkness!

    Don't slack off. Pray the Lord's Prayer. When you get to, "Deliver Us From Evil", give the names= Myeloma, Infirmity, etc. Finish the prayer with thanksgiving. Heaven is listening to your Faith. If it's Big, you're being noticed. Don't allow doubts to cut you off at the knees!

    Get on your knees and pray harder, louder. Shake the Gates of Heaven; and send those demons back to hell (in Jesus Name).

    Each of King David's rocks was a scripture he killed "Myeloma" with. "IT IS WRITTEN ___". It's up to you to find the scriptures to deliver the killing blow.

    Keep Praise your focal point; but fight like a son of God. Fear not.

  • Martha - in Reply
    Perry Shelton,

    I can't say much beyond: prayer, fasting and faith brings the Holy Ghost.

    Keep your spiritual armor at the ready.

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