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  • Philip Christian Parks on Hebrews 6
    Hebrews 6:1-2 = The epistle writer identifies "the first principles" here in these verses which include the following:

    + "repentance from dead works" (v.1),

    + "faith toward GOD" (v.1),

    + "the Doctrine of baptism" (v.2),

    + "laying on of hands" (v.2),

    + the "resurrection of the dead" (v.2), and

    + of "eternal judgment" (v.2).

    In the previous chapter (5:12), these "principles" are "first" (Greek noun root ; pronounced "ar-KHAY"), for all believers experience these "first principles" in Salvation.

    The "first principles" are the "milk" (5:12-13) new convert Christian "babe(s)" require to sustain spiritual new life. The epistle writer metaphorically described those principles which follow the "first principles" as "strong meat" (5:14). Here, the verb "leaving" does not mean to forsake and abandon the "first principles", for these are "foundational".

    As newborns grow in stature from "babes" into "them that are of full age" (5:14), so too do their nutritional demands increase from "milk" (5:13) to "strong meat".

    The term "first" speaks of the basic, foundational principles, and from which more in-depth principles will follow. These principles which follow will require more spiritual insight and discernment.

    This same rule applies to every individual Christian who strives for spiritual maturity and "perfection". "Leaving" means to build upon these "first principles" by pressing forward unto spiritual "perfection". Once the Christian convert achieves full understanding of the "first principles", he then strengthens these initial principles with more weightier, complex THEOlogical Doctrines.


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