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  • Lee R Rayner on 2 Chronicles 21
    Why at times did God want Israel to have lots of gold lots of silver, & lots of jewelry and wear it if they should choose to ? and other times he didn't want them to have any gold, silver, or any Jewelry. ( clues ) Answers are found in Ezekiel chapter 16. Also Isaiah chapter 61: 10 read before and after. It was a way of life in Israel . Then Exodus chapter 28 : Concerning the minister or High priest by God's command had to wear in worship . All the colours And gold and twelve stones embedded into the ephod each one with the names of the twelve tribes etched in them. The dress affair is a interesting study. But it was commanded by God .Also take a look at Rebecca in genesis. When you get your answer, you will also understand the story Jesus told about the prodigal son And why his father treated him like he did when the boy returned. God bless you all. Thank for this opportunity.

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