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  • Eric Lopez on Psalms 9
    Put fear in them so they may stay as very powerful. Our egos can drive us to think we are more than man. Money corrupts the soul in the wrong hands.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Psalms 9
    Hi Eric Lopez ! Its nice to know you are still out there ,we must remember that the lessons in the Bible teach us about all humanity ,not just the bad guys ,we can all fall into sin at any time because we are imperfect humans ,the lessons are about other people yes ,but they are there to show us what can happen to us ! We all fall short of the Glory of God and when we do we must remember that no matter how badly we have behave He never stops loving us for one second ,so we must run right back to Him as fast as we can and ask His forgiveness ,sometimes when i think about the love of God and the love of Jesus my feelings of innadiquacy are enormous and overwhelming but we mustnt allow our own failings to seperate us from our God ,He wants us with Him ! Even though He knows me and all my faults He wants me with Him ! You to Eric ! He adores you !

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