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  • Roden on Revelation 17:5
    Mystery Babylon , she is a spiritual mother of harlots .

    The RCC is the mother and the harlots are other false churches that hold to her doctrines .

    It's only mystery to those in it , and it's world wide .

    The true believer is called to come out of her .

    The primary doctrine is the Trinity doctrine that is totally not found in the bible and has no basis for evaluating a persons relationship with God .

    The true believer believes that Jesus is the Son of God .

    The Antichrist churches can not except this as true doctrine but add to it in many ways and corrupt themselves in do doing .
  • Rev Ed Sullivan - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    There have been many throughout the years that have made claims that the RCC is the "false church" referenced in the bible.

    While there is no direct evidence of this, there are many compelling theories.

    I hold no ill will towards the RCC followers, however I will say that the RCC as an establishment has a questionable and dark past.

    For an entity that is supposed to represent G_D's will on earth, I can't quite see how a history of oppression and systematic destruction of all who question or have a difference of opinion can be reconciled with his will.

    I am not an expert on the subject, by any stretch of the imagination but even I can see they are at odds with G_D's true word.

    Then again I have issues with organized religion as a whole. Anytime you take something pure and add human nature and money into the equation it gets corrupted.

    Religion is no exception, Over the centuries it has been twisted and bastardized to fit whatever narrative man has needed it to in order to get other men to follow the "rules".

    Whatever those "rules" were at that particular time period.

    Fear has always been a great motivator, and there is no greater fear then going to hell for some people.

    The RCC has the "Hell and damnation" market cornered, over the years they have become de-facto experts on using the fear of those to keep their followers in line.

    Inventing a "devil" in order to do that wouldn't be out of line for them, but then again they are the only ones with the evidence and they aren't talking.

    I digress, this is just my $0.02 so take it for what it's worth....or maybe we could ask Dan Brown for his expert opinion. (
  • Barnum - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    1 John 4.15

    If you add to who Jesus is then you create another Jesus and another gospel , another Spirit .

    Jesus is the Son of God as declared so many times in the bible by God and Jesus and many others .

    Without God dwelling in the believer, it's impossible to understand just how deep being the Son of God Is .

    Therefore a new doctrine is made by men and false .
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    Hi Barnum,

    You stating "if you add to who Jesus Christ is then you create another Jesus, another gospel and another Spirit". That's pretty vague. Could you please be a little more decisive in what you mean?

    Also as you basically condemn "if you add to Jesus Christ". What happens if you take away from Him?

    What is this "new doctrine that is made by men and false"?

    Thank you for your time.
  • Barnum - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    Jesus is exactly who God said he is . Do you believe it ?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 17:5
    It would have been nice to converse with you about this if you could have answered the simple questions I asked you.

    God Bless.

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