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  • Eric Lopez on 2 Chronicles 24:16
    It's funny how quickly they turn to evil and not hearken to the prophet who warned them. I wonder if it is like if someone would win the lottery and that itself would change the person? Power that changes one?
  • S Spencer - in Reply on 2 Chronicles 24:16
    Hi Eric,

    They keep turning back to what they came out of,

    to what was natural to them.

    They were being commanded to turn from their natural, sinful, fallen nature, but they couldn't, just like we can't.

    The heart of man is incurable.

    But keep reading, There's help on the way!!!
  • Oh Eric ! You have hit the nail on the head ! The desire to have power over others is a very dangerous trait that many of us have at one time or another in our lives ,in my congregation we are not permitted to be police officers ,prison officers ,debt collectors ,military personel or in volved in politics at any level ,power corrupts and we are all susceptable to sin so we must be aware of our own weekness and keep out of situations that might encourage our sinfull nature to get the better of us ,Jesus had sooo much power but he was always gentle ,always thinking of his followers safety ,i believe that was one of the reasons he would tell people he had healed not to go around broadcasting it ,he was afraid the Jewish elders would target those who he had healed and he was right ! The Jewish PRIESTS priests ! Wanted to kill Lazarus ! We need to know our own faults and weeknesses in order to keep out of situations in life where we might succumb to them .

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