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  • Sam on Leviticus 13
    Hello there I was just reading through scriptures, just found out my employment of 6 years is making mandatory covid vaccine. I have a lot of mixed feelings. They said if we refuse of course there will be termination. Only dr. Note acceptable or a signed faith base letter from a pastor, of why we believe not getting vaccinated. I kept saying it's my free will to question it and not be forced. Please if you have any scriptures that would encourage, thank you.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 13
    Hi Sam, I imagine you are in a state in the US where employers are also required to be under the law of covid restrictions and face fines or worse. The covid restriction laws in certain states upon employers are in place until at least late spring 2022. There may be states that have not enforced these covid restrictions upon the employers that one can still flee to

    (for employment) without seeking revenge or hardening the heart and losing the peaceable way of Salvation if the vaccines seem to be burden to one's beliefs. Regarding employers, the restrictions are the same for an employer with at least two employees to thousands of employees. The witness of the true believing Christian is not to condemn others to hell but to lead to (by example) salvation in Jesus Christ while time remains.

    God bless our meditations.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 13
    Update: Of interests, perhaps are Federal Osha restrictions likely coming into place. Google Osha news April for most recent information. Look past Cal Osha for federal information. Again, I think the Covid 19 is a test for all Christians as lambs of Christ. God gives grace to the humble.

  • Adam - in Reply on Leviticus 13
    The 'vaccines' for covid are different than flu vaccines which have years of testing data before being offered for humans. What they call a covid vaccine is just an experimental injection of a science experiment. It's already proven to not work. If it works, then why are those who had the 'vaccine' still getting covid? And if it's so safe, then why have so many people died from it. Shall I risk death to avoid death? That doesn't make sense to me. Eating right and exercising and keeping our immune system strong is the natural and best way to protect against this. Even if someone wants more, you can still find medicine that has been tested safe for all ages that has been around for 65+ years and used against malaria. In hundreds and tens of thousands of people tested- it has a 100% success rate against covid and little to zero side effects and the data is transparent and nonpartisan. Unlike this experimental injection which has caused an unknown amount of death, is highly political, not transparent, and the media and government who like to control people are pushing it hard, but even if you get it you're still forced to wear masks. Some have admitted to using tissue from aborted animal fetuses for vaccines, even human blood, and this is wrong. Some say it affects your RNA. In this culture of people shaming each other for asking questions and asking for transparency, I think this whole thing stinks. In fact, the CDC already admitted that the death count in the US isn't even true. Only 6% of the reported deaths are covid. And literature from a few years ago report covid as a cold virus. About 3 million people die in the US every year and about 3 million are born. Many of these deaths are the same year after year- heart disease, lung cancer, accidents, obesity, abortion, flu, pneumonia. And what we see this year and last is no different- same amount of death (increased with population), but flu and pneumonia are gone- instead reported as covid. That's wrong.
  • Tim Clifton - in Reply on Leviticus 13
    Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are Gods. That means you pay taxes etc. since God commands us to keep every ordinance for the Lord's sake. That means you keep the speed limits as a goal, and do what you're told. Our peaceable walk in this world is a testimony to the ungodly, and will judge them as they are condemned to hell forever. When your so called 'free will' goes against these commands of God, it is nothing but SELF will and sin. These commands were given under the Caesars, who burned Christians as torches and fed them alive to lions. Our corrupt government is not quite there yet are they? As for the covid vaccine and your job, do what you think is right, but don't complain if you defy your boss and get fired. In fact, get fired with grace and kindness, and ask God to guide you. I teach biology, and the covid is a flu vaccine, that will help with antibodies. If they stick in unknown control poisons, it is not proven, and anti government rebels tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater. And is God able to keep poison from hurting you. Ask Paul at the camp fire in the rain at night on the beach. I'd suggest to get a letter of belief from a Bible believing pastor and go the route of peace and love. See you in heaven! Tim


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