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  • Catherine Taylor on Genesis 22:14
    Where does it say in the bible to mourn birth and celebrate death?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Genesis 22:14
    Hello Catherine,

    Seeing your post a verse comes to mind. Though it is not exactly what you state about to "mourn birth". Ecclesiastes 7:1.

    I know of a couple other things about death being "good". For those who are with the Lord of coarse. If you're interested let me know.

    God Bless.
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Genesis 22:14
    Share what you have Richard. Thanks
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Genesis 22:14
    Hi S Spencer,

    No problem sir. Here are a couple sections from the Apocrypha books that I know of. A couple good Scriptures on death of those who are with the Lord.

    Wisdom of Solomon 2:23-24, Wisdom of Solomon 3:1-9, Wisdom of Solomon 4:7-16, Wisdom of Solomon 5:15-16,

    Ecclesiasticus 14:11-18, Ecclesiasticus 19:18-20, Ecclesiasticus 41:3,

    A couple from the Book of Enoch: 58.3 And the righteous will be in the light of the sun and the chosen in the light of eternal life. And there will be no end to the days of their life and the days of the Holy will be without number.

    62.13 And the righteous and the chosen will be saved on that Day and they will never see the faces of the sinners and the lawless from then on.

    62.14 And the Lord of Spirits will remain over them and with that Son of Man they will dwell, and eat, and lie down, and rise up, forever and ever.

    62.15 And the righteous and chosen will have risen from the earth, and will have ceased to cast down their faces, and will have put on the Garment of Life.

    62.16 And this will be a Garment of Life from the Lord of Spirits; and your garments will not wear out, and your glory will not fail, in front of the Lord of Spirits.

    As these are just some things besides the verses in the NT we have. Of coarse the ungodly and those who are against the Lord death is detailed to not be good throughout all Scripture.

    God Bless Spencer.

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