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  • Steven duckworth on Matthew 26
    do some of you think the vaccine is the mark of the beast or a pre mark of the beat?
  • Jeanette Champion - in Reply on Matthew 26
    it is not but I believe it is leading up to it, I believe it is the world system... the mark you cannot buy nor sell! cashless is you have the mark!
  • Carleton - in Reply on Matthew 26
    Hello Steven and friends. Now, perhaps the vaccine(s) as well as the coming of Covid worldwide, is a distraction or perhaps a test to our peace with God and man as born again believers and thereby needs to be considered with wisdom in our lives, while the mark of the beast has been on going and will come to completion in this age as man leaves his faith ahead of the return of God as Jesus and chooses by fear which is unbelief to buy and sell in His temple the lies of Satan for his cause (man and Satan). God will have Just and Holy vengeance in this matter like Jesus was able to when he entered the Temple with His holy yet tempered vengeance.

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