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  • Philip Christian Parks on Hebrews 2
    But now we see not yet all things put under him (man); v.8 = Due to man's sinful nature, compounded with the curse GOD pronounced upon creation due to Adam's sin, man has yet to fully subdue, manipulate, and control creation, his environment, and even himself.

    While man is able to tame wild animals for domestic use, he does so with great difficulty and even potential peril to his limb and life. Even now, man traverses land, sea, and air with simply a whim and will, yet these elements still pose great risks and hazards that regularly cause unspeakable disasters and deaths. Man relentlessly attempts his vain efforts to control the weather and climate to no avail. His attempts to cause the clouds to rain ultimately mock him. He lies helplessly under the demolishing power of tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis to his own destruction. Man has yet, nor will he ever, formulate a flawless government under which every citizen lives in a safe utopian society, wherein his every need and want are met, and he lives in happiness, contentment, and fulfillment. Every man has his enemies over whom he has no influence or control. Although man spends untold fortunes during his lifetime to slow the process of aging, he continues to march relentlessly to his ultimate grave. Man has yet to cure certain diseases that ravages the body unto death. Man has no control over his own sinful penchants that diminishes his "glory and honor" (v.7). Death is the greatest enemy man faces, yet he has no power over his own inevitable demise.

    Only when "in CHRIST shall all be made alive" ( 1Cor. 15:22), will man finally and fully experience one MAN, The GOD-MAN, LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHO "hath put all things under HIS Feet when all things shall be subdued unto HIM" ( 1Cor. 15:24-28; 2thes. 1:7-10). Only then, when HE shall make "Righteousness the girdle of his loins" shall HE tame the wild animal and man alike to live in perfect harmony (read Isa. 11:5-9).

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