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  • Richard in Christ on Matthew 27:54
    Hello my brothers and sisters,

    I just feel to write a post explaining my position of my "once saved always saved" feelings. As I will put feelings in two ways in that I am not here to take either side of this "belief" that can be taken out of context in many ways today.

    First is in the eyes of God and our Lord. There is no speculation of who shall be saved to the Lord. As stated He knows His sheep. He knows the hearts of each and every single person. Knowing us better than we know ourselves and who are His. Knowing the end from the beginning.

    In the eyes of man this may become a confusing issue, for some, and is very personal one person to another. Some of us in the Lord have been Blessed to have experienced things in our lives that prove how real Jesus Christ and God our Father are. I have been rebuked by a fellow believer by saying "God chose me". He retorted by stating "you were not chosen but called". I know in my heart God chose me to be His child. Why? Only God knows as I don't see myself better than anyone else.

    As another point I feel is how some people may ask "does Jesus Christ love me no matter what"? As I replied to this question in that I believe the more important question I think people should be asking themselves is "do I really love the Lord"? Even as the mouth is a powerful fire. Just as in this world talk can be cheap. As I'm sure most of us have experienced how a person may say one thing like "I love you" but do they actually show that love from the heart. Or has it just become a phrase?

    We who have been Blessed by the Lord to have been chosen by Him and know this. As me have a fire burning in my heart for the Lord. It is beyond words. Even though I know I am His I still humble myself every night, on my knees, in prayer begging for His great mercy and forgiveness to anything that I may have done that day that was not in His Will. Or anything that may have disappointed Him. Not even knowing If I did anything wrong.. God is so perfect..
  • Toni - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    Brother Richard, I'm loving your posts! Keep on bringing the Word of Truth:)
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    Thank you for your kind replies brother Toni. It brings joy to know a post of mine has touched someones heart.

    God Bless you.
  • Toni - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    I'm Sister Toni by the way (LOL).

    But, it's so refreshing to read someone speak God's Word in truth, especially in the times we live in, where it seems so many people are moving away from sound doctrine.

    By the way, I wanted to affirm what you said about being chosen. I think you mentioned in a post that someone corrected you and said people are called.

    But, I was just reading today where the Word of God says, "Many are called but few chosen." ( Matthew 22:14) So, lots of people are called, but only those who walk away from the world and take a stand for Christ and walk in Him daily, are chosen. Thank God for being a chosen vessel in which the Lord can use and dwell in!
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    My apologies for that mistake my sister Toni. Forgive me.

    I very much appreciate your touching replies.

    Just as you stated in Matthew 22:14. That those of us who truly accept Jesus Christ as our Salvation and give our lives to Him. I believe have been chosen by God and are very precious to Him. As He is everything to us and knows our hearts. All being important members of the body of Christ. Not that I was trying to boast or anything when I stated that to him. Just what was in my heart. I was surprised when I heard the reply I received about that detail.

    Here are a couple other Scriptures of being "chosen". Ephesians 1:4, 2 Thessalonians 2:13, 1 Peter 2:3-5.

    God Bless you my sister in Christ.
  • Toni - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    Brother Richard,

    May the Lord bless you richly as well. And thanks for those additional scriptures!

    The children of God must daily keep pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in our Lord Jesus Christ!

    We have to be bold, stay encouraged and endure always like a good soldier in Christ.

    Stay strong my brother in the Lord!
  • Carleton - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    brother Richard, I know what it (you) mean(s) in my heart!

  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    Thank you brother Carleton. It gives me great joy to be able to converse here with others like you who understand. Also to learn from my family in Christ as many here are much deeper in the Lord than I.

    Praise be the Lord for ever and ever!

    Have a Blessed day in the Lord my brother!

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