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  • Eric Lopez on 2 Kings 21
    This is very sad evil continues in the generations of Kings. How does the gracious of a King who follows the Lord pass over to the next King who does evil and worships other Gods? Bad parenting? This reminds me God's word to teach thy children of the laws of Moses at a young age. Generation to generation. Was this not done?
  • Sacha - in Reply on 2 Kings 21
    Dear Eric Lopez ,i know exactly what you mean ,all those people who saw the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud and who ate the manna every day in the wilderness ,how did they not tell their children and grandchildren of these marvelous things they saw and experienced ? When i was a child in school we had some basic Bible stories and we did some Bible plays ,i know that that sort of thing hasnt happened in the u.k. for a very long time now ,unless you go to a catholic school in u.k. theres no such thing as Christian teachings ,its very sad ,stay strong Eric ,God wants you with Him .

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