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  • 5713389976 on Matthew 27:54
    What happened to the dead, while the graves were opened before his resurrection?

    Were they a)I've but could not move?

    What was their state of mind if they had any?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 27:54
    There is a place called Hades that Jesus went to for three days and three nights. And in Hades, there were compartments, as we know from Luke Chapter 16. The Old Testament saints were there on one side, and those who rejected were on the other side and were in torment.

    So Jesus, when He dismissed His Spirit on the cross, He went down and proclaimed the victory. And when He rose from the dead, many of the Old Testament saints appeared, and they revealed themselves to many in Jerusalem.

    According to 1 Corinthians Chapter 15, we know that Jesus revealed Himself to people for 40 days. At one time, 500 people, as witnesses to the resurrection of Christ.


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