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  • Marsha Dixon on Proverbs 1
    Proverbs 1:19 reminded me of a parables that JESUS spoke in ST Matthew a Owner had some property went away

    and rent them to some farmer the day of harvest is now come he send is servants to ask of them

    to send some of the harvest and they beat and kill all who the owner had sent to them so the owner decide to sent is only son, hoping they would show him some respect, but they did not they

    kill the owner son. because they wanted to take over the property knowing they're not the owner it's no different from GOD send is prophets to warn is people and they were killed

    by the wicked. so now GOD sent is only loving son JESUS to accomplished what was not

    and he die but will return as KING and punished all who did not fellow is command

    so will the owner of the VINYARD did just that punish and take back what did not belonging to them. These men did not use WISDOM on any level. They allowed the an evil spirit to take them over and will end up losing everything in the natural and spiritual.

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