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  • Errol on 1 Peter 5
    Dear fellow brethren in Christ,

    Peace be upon you!

    I have a a prayer request

    Now my uncle Lando who is mom's oldest brother's heart is weak. Fortunately, uncle Lando's doing fine given the circumstances. However, he is living by himself: his wife, my auntie Rosa lives in Spain as well as their youngest daughter, ate Sharon. Their two oldest daughters, ate Suzette and ate Roselyn live in the USA. Now these are all full grown women who run a household and have a healthy family.

    Currently my auntie Rosa is very sick as she's in the hospital hospitalized for lung problems. As of this writing aunt Rosa is being kept alive by artificial oxygen. We are not sure if auntie will recover.

    All of ate Sharon's family members including husband and two sons have been tested positive. And now her first born, 15 year old Seanley, believes he's responsible for auntie Rosa's decline. I have been in contact with ate Suzette with whom I share a special bond as she spent 9 years with my family in the Netherlands back in the 90's. She's been very concerned with her father also - especially with the distance between each other.

    Of course all of my cousins are concerned for my uncle and aunt's health.

    So pastor, I ask you and your congregation to pray for my relatives:

    a. The recovery of my uncle Lando and auntie Rosa's health

    b. The emotional well being of my cousins ate Sharon, Suzette and Roselyn and their families

    c. That Seanley finds peace within himself through the blessing and guiding of the Holy Spirit and that his parents will assure him and take off the pressure Seanley has put on himself

    d. That my relatives may be guided by the Lord's will and get them closer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

    Thank you for your consideration and for your prayer in advance, pastor!

    May the Most High bless you, your family and your congregation...

    Have a nice week!



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