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  • Sisterjw on Luke 12:25
    What May Be of Assistance:

    In order to have a more understanding of the sculpture a Luke 12:25 wonderful study practice is to always read the previous scripture Luke 12:24 and the following 2-3 scriptures Luke 12:26 Luke 12:27 and

    Luke 12:28 which may assist to allow a deeper understanding.

    The thing I really appreciate and like regarding King James Bible Online is the also provide other Bible scripture commentaries from other various Bible Editions featured immediately below the King James others such as:

    New American Standard Version (1995

    American Standard Version (1901)

    Basic English Bible.

    Darby Bible.

    Douay Rheims Bible.

    Webster's Bible.

    Weymouth Bible.

    World English Bible.

    Wycliffe Bible.

    Jewish Publication Society Bible

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