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  • SF on Job 1
    Satan wants us in the feelings, reasoning, will realm.

    But Jesus showed us to stay on the word.

    John 6:33

    Tells us God's word is spirit and life.

    It's not soul and death.

    So we don't have to understand it just believe it
  • Sacha - in Reply on Job 1
    Hi SF ,i believe you are correct ,i dont think any of us can honestly declare that we totally understand every thing in the Bible completely and i dont believe we have to ,obviously there are certain things that we should know and believe if we are to be saved and call ourselves Christians ,as for historical accuracy and events we can only put such interpritations on things up to a certain point as we were not there ! Hundreds of years ago people were reading the same words as we are and they thought they knew what everything was about based on their knowledge at that time . I do believe ,just like thousands of others living hundreds of years ago ,that we are in the end times and im very very excited by this !
  • Sf - in Reply on Job 1
    thanks for responding. check out Lester Sumrall teachings on spirit, soul, and body on youtube.

    God bless you.


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