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  • Levi Patterson on Psalms 18
    So, I know the King James Version 1611 is the True Inspired and Infallible Word of God and I believe that with all my heart and have no doubts. I also believe that all the other versions of the bible are false doctrines of devils.

    I've learned that the KJV 1611 is the only English Bible that has a, "Crown" copywrite and it was put there by the British government because they knew that the KJV 1611 is the True Inspired and Infallible Word of God in English and did not want anyone to claim Gods Word and make it their own. The, "Crown" copywrite means no one owns it, but God. So, in order to create, copywrite, another "bible", a false bible, you would have to significantly change/alter Gods very Words and make them your own.

    My question is, how do you tell someone that asks you, well do you still read the KJV 1611? I do not, I read the standard KJV Bible. They'll then say, well the KJV is not Gods Word because it has altered the Old English from the original English KJV 1611.

    My thoughts were, they're still the same words. They didn't replace the Old English words in the KJV 1611 with totally different words, nor with different words that mean something different. I believe what they did was, use the same exact words, but put it in the Standard English that closely resembles how we speak of today. The KJV did not take away or add to the KJV 1611.

    What are your thoughts? Your feedback would be Greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Psalms 18
    Hello Levi,

    I believe your statement is quite accurate. How you would refute a person trying to differ the 1611 KJV from the Oxford 1769 KJV(which we have now) is exactly what I would state and is correct. The only differences seem to be a bit different spelling of some words and capitalization here and there. As on this web site they have every single page of a 1611 KJV Bible photographed as we can go over the whole thing and see.

    God Bless.

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