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  • Carleton on Acts 16:9 - 3 years ago
    Good morning all! How is Sacha this day? I am thinking about looking out from the flat window and what you may see. I do hope you have love ones to help you with this and thats. I have never crossed a sea so far in my life, maybe someday still. I have a Native American by birth spiritual Christian brother who had two visions by dream just ahead of Covid 19 coming the the US. The Angel in his dream said that from across the sea which he could see in the finish by looking through the sea, that two events were to come. Not long after the first event would be another and not long after that may be the end. Perhaps the message was just for the brother. This vision was a year ago in early January. So I wonder, and so my eyes and ears and prayers wonder. Perhaps this brother's dream was only for him. Anyway, looking out of the flat with an enlightened heart their must be souls that are not ready. I am glad for this short time we and I include all, can meet here and discuss our relationships with Jesus to the best of our understandings. My love has increased, so I see the value. Keep the faith. Thank you!

  • Sacha - In Reply on Acts 16:9 - 3 years ago
    Good afternoon Carleton ,thankyou for you encouraging message ,the view out of my flat is quite nice today ,lots of sunshine and blue sky and fluffy white clouds ,the air is cool and fresh and its starting to feel like spring ,im in the north east of england ,the coldest dampest and apparently the most deprived area of england ,i dont feel deprived ,i feel rich and joyfull and thankfull to be who i am and where i am and its only because i know the Truth ,my spouse is here and weve been in lockdown together for almost 12 full months ,only seeing our mothers and only doing grocery shopping and we havent gone insane yet ! This site has helped me a lot and im thankfull for it and everyone who comes on it ,may God bless us all and bring us all closer to each other and closer to Him more and more each day untill the VERY best days are upon us all .
  • Carleton - In Reply on Acts 16:9 - 3 years ago
    Thank you Sacha! Love to hear the details of a believer's life and setting. Love to see the area too somehow, someday. One year is a very long time to not get to see the mothers and to stay indoors. At our home we are five. My daughter 20, son 19, son 15 and wife younger than I. Our home is happy and peaceful thanks to the grace of God. Have a nice after noon over there. Not quite 8:30am here.

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