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  • MKaye on Deuteronomy 23
    We all must remember the Bible was written at THAT time. However, God specifically gives us the Promise of Eternal Life for the Crucifix upon the Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord has allowed our sins to be forgiven. Gods word and Law DOES NOT EVER CHANGE, PERIOD. There is a certain number of times this is stated, however I can not recall it. As, he speaks in symbolic and numbers.

    God, himself stated in Bible that it is known that all man are rebellious. So, we have a choice. We either follow God or we think we can take control, thus allowing that temptation and Satan to get what he wants and to further this by turning us to Hate Gods heart.

    Just because our "time" "generation" of life here is not the same as when Bible was written DOES NOT allow us to try to define/change the LAW/WORD of God to our generation. For, How does Revelation exist, thus already telling us what to do for when our time of Eternal Life in Heaven comes?!?!

    They did not have BF or GF back then. Ok. And, thus does not change his LAW- this means we Follow his Word and abide by the Law and we place it into our life of the interpretation to remain within His Law.

    We must remember every evil on earth - one of them personally knows us so well, that they easily target us with temptation when it happens because they are always waiting for just the little slip to continue us into a brain fog and fully control us. God states, to always call upon Him first in any situation and He will Promise to guide us.

    We Christians know that we carry Gods temple- within us- our Holy Spirit. We already are given the right choice to make upon life and choices. We also still have the choice to think we are strong and can handle things on our own.

    So, let's use Gods temple within us and call upon God before we try to interpret his Word to accommodate our sins.

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