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  • Kayden Schueller on Revelation 7
    Hi there is a flat earth scripture in rev 7:1 there's more. Joshua 10:12, Isaiah 11:12, genesis 1:14, psalm 93:1 and all of jobs basicly
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Greeks astronomers discovered during a lunar eclipse, the earth casts a perfect oval shadow on the moon. It is easy to verify. There was never a big foot, just a guy with a million dollar marketing strategy.

    If you are indeed a young man, you're gonna pick up grease. Keep in mind, there's also adventure out there to put you on the floor laughing, remembering to breathe.
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Hello Kayden,

    As I noticed in one of your other posts that you are young and are close with the Lord. This gives me great pleasure.

    I just wanted to respond to this post. As the "shape of the earth" has been brought up here before. The main thing is that it is a topic that seems to divide the body of Christ more than do good for us that follow the Lord.

    Again, I am very pleased to see someone so young on the path of truth.

    I hope none of my brothers and sisters are angry with me for this but I must respond to you with this. Just the other night I was reading Isaiah. I came across Isaiah 38:7-8 where the Lord made the sun go backwards.

    Just another verse for you to note.

    God bless.


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