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  • Jeanie on Genesis 1
    Hi everyone! The Lord has help my husband and I in so many ways, it is amazing! After we got married many things came into play. First miracle is when we were going to sell our house and move to another state for retirement. For 2 years every weekend we went to look at houses. At last our agent showed us house that I did not want to move in. We put out our fliers to sell our old house. We were amazed that we sold it in one month. We have never seen a house go so fast. Now we needed a place to move to. My husband wanted us to look at the property I was not into. Before you know it we got it in (are you ready for this) 1 month.

    As time went on, we now know why God wanted us to have this house. We moved to a small town and between 2 good sized small cities. We started doing ministry to the local senior center. There was our church denomination in those 2 small cities. 18 miles in both direction. We truly believe that God did have a hand in all this. May God give you the love and grace that he has bless us with.
  • Debbie - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Hey there.

    I read your testimony and I believe it.

    The Lord did a good work in your life and you were patient enough to wait for it.

    You know I think it is good when we do not rely on our own understanding but rather have FAITH for our circumstances.

    You did well!

    Look at it like this way, this is one conversation (about what happened to you) that you can look forward to talking to The Lord about one fine day.


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