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  • Truth always on Revelation 18
    Rev 17 and 18

    Mystery Babylon, appears to be the apostate church , that never really was true . Typified as a whore , yet she took the view she was a queen that would see no sorrow .

    The true saints suffered martyrdom by her .

    And when anti christ appears he destroys her . He claims to be God so he can have no rivals .

    When anti christ comes it will be totally a different time and we now can see it starting to unfold . As false Christianity begins to falter .

    Yet Jesus will build his church through all of this . Amazing !
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Mystery Babylon is America.

    Where is America to save Israel from desolation, captivity? ( Luke 21:20-24)

    They are gone, taken down to hell by the abomination of desolation ( Joel 2:1-11).

    Anti-christ rules between the 6-7th trumpets for 42 months.

    America & Israel's violent death.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Hi darren ,im not trying to be argumentative i promise , Revelation 17 v 9 does reffer to seven mountains ,Rome sits on seven hills .physical Rome and spiritual Rome (Catholisism maybe ) are what i think the whore of babylon might be ,Catholisism being in some ways very far removed from Bible teachings and also it spread all over the world ? Dont mean to be a pain ,what do you think ? Id like to know ,that is if you are not mad at me ,smiley face .Sorry to all Catholics .
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Rome was the empire of the day, everything revolved around it. The Catholic church is ensconced with satan, the Jesuits (Jewish Christians) push Gematria and witchcraft. Past empires are interchangeable with current empires. The Bible will not explicitly tell you this, you have to think for yourself. It is no different than when Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Greeks held the same title. That is how prophesy flows. In our day, it is America that holds this title. We see in Rev 17 only that a new character has emerged, called Mystery Babylon, a new mighty end-time empire, a geopolitical and military superpower that rules the world. Outside it's America. Read Jeremiah 50 and 51 (like US states) as they both describe America to a T. Who else fits Mystery Babylon's description? Who is the beast from description?

    -Mystery Babylon is America that gets destroyed.

    -Babylon proper consists of America's allies, to include Israel that gets destroyed in the same hour.

    Study the day of the Lord to see that "God's army", Joel 2:11, the northern army (Russia+) that obliterates the southern army ( Dan 11:40) to rule the world. Anti-christ sets up in the temple claiming to be God, unhindered. Where is America post 6th trumpet, and why is the beast the only empire around? The earth doesn't get knocked of its axis battling the RCC, an evil spirit. The whore America is no where to be found, hell has come to greet it at its departure.

    America wants to sit a queen forever ( Isaiah 47) against Jesus, and the prophets. This Mystery Babylon, who's king (does Rome have a king?) hath heard the report of them (missiles), and his hands waxed feeble: anguish took hold of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail, Jeremiah 50:43 Reap it America.

    There are at least 90 scriptures concerning the day of the Lord strike. They tell the story far better better than I can. Many people are bias because they love America, up until the flame comes.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Thanks for that Darren ,you are certainly zealous for the Lord and i appreciate that ,i dont know any thing about gematria but mabe its a bit like what we call in the u.k. numerology ? Any way its all sorcery under different names ,i belive we are in the last days ,i certainly hope so ,we need an end to humans ruling over humans ,we need an end to people treating each other like dirt for no good reason ,we need an end to people ignoring the sufferings of others when there is more than enough food and water and medicines for all ,i am as guilty as everyone else and i belive we are all guilty of not doing enough to help our neighbours ,we are not americans or english or chinese if we are Christians then we arepart of Israel , romans 11 galatians 3,i cant wait for Christ to appear ,every day is a day closer ,the fearfull and unbeliving better get their acts together ! I think things are going to get tougher for us all but we need to rejoice in the signs of the times that we see and remember that God is always righteous and always merciful ,its true we dont know the day or hour but we dont know the day or hour that we are going to die and after we die the next thing we will be aware of is Christ calling our names to wake us up and take us to Himself ! I love that you are never lukewarm darren !
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18

    I have to tell you that your message is so beautiful, my eyes watered. I think you are wonderful, your sayings. My father was from Wallasey, was bombed by Hitler, slept on 3 chairs, but he pulled on through.

    Yes, Gematria is sorcery, govt's are obsessed with it. It works, people will believe anything authority says, without question and defend the hoax. It pays to know that everything public is tainted. It stopped the confusion, the madness of absorbing propaganda.

    We are certainly in the last days, the things Jesus told us to look out for are here. You may not know the minutia of whats coming, but sensing danger around the corner. You are right again, it will only get worse. That what you fear, in my mind, is the day of the Lord. Jesus told of it Luke 17:34-37, says the 'taken' are dead.

    I want prophesy fulfilled because I'm sick of the way things are done. Rev 11:15 interests me. Wow, your last sentences are so magical. Speaking of fiery, we get Elijah (order of) before the strike Malachi 4:5

    Best to you, take care.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Darren ,i know a broken heart when i hear one ,it takes one to know one ! Its hard to put into words but i dont belive i need to ,you have eyes and ears and a heart just like mine ,God knows ,everything ,trust Him and rejoice ,i shall keep my eyes open for you in that most marvelous day ,i feel it already ,im so excited ! I think i might burst ! Stay strong ,rejoice ! He is coming !
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Your psychic day job is wanting -smiley face- I am the strong one in the family, yo alpha. The cognitive dissonance propels me to appreciate our individual complexities. Not often treated to someone allowing themselves beyond the mantra. That makes me happy, not sad. Rebuttal on events that have or haven't happened, from popular "settled" prophesies, limits growth. Prophesy is settled when fulfilled. Wouldn't it be a huge wakeup if Tehran gets Rev 6:14 in the next few years. The good buys US & Israel can't resist.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Darren yes ! I have often wondered about what all the other hundreds of thousand and millions of people have thought ,people who lived a long time before this scientific world we now live in ,how would they have understood Zecharia ch 14 ? Especially v 12 ? Or Revelation ch 11 v 18 'them which destroy the earth ' these verses in particular must have been terrifying but we live in the age where these things are totally clear to us ,we are in the last days im sure ,i try not to get too excited as i know it could be a few years yet but i realllly want it to be very soon !
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    You have a broken heart? Who could be so unkind? Can you hear your heart in you ears? I hope you find relief, the human condition is wanting without divine intervention.

    God will make you strong in times of need. The non-believers in your family don't know God's love. They must see you are a beacon of light, beaming in their darkness. If you feel satisfied in the measures you taken to expose them to God, your job is done. There is no burden on you to remove their burden. Enjoy their company while you can. This world's not for living it's for fighting and for wars, no matter what the circumstance, hold on to what is yours.

    Zachariah 14:12 shows the supernatural power of Jesus when he consumes the beast army at his coming. The Kidron valley filled to the horses bridal with blood.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Darren thanks for that ,ive always thought of thise two chapters as reffering to the use of nuclear weapons ,i belive they will be used at the very end ,most likely in the middle east but maybe elsewhere too ,of course it will also be like the days of Noah ,giving in marriage etc ,i dont always agree with what you or anyone elsr says or belives but i have to say your sense of humour is a breath of fresh air ! I never knew americans had one ! Hahaha just kidding ,im english so i was born with one ! We cant take ourselves too seriously , the Truth is very serious and i know that God has brought me this far but a sense of humour in this awfull world is essential i think .
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    It takes 13 months a day and an hour for the beast army to coordinate and strike (an hour, a day, a month, and a year).

    And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. Revelation 9:15 We are given the 6th trumpet's, day of the Lord time of day, and the time of year is before the harvest. No one knows the day of 7th trumpet return to Mount Olive; I'm sure you will be present, you are called.

    I entered a bold prognosticator, I was rejected. 7 Identities later, I'm feeling comfortable enough to exercise my grand English whit. I don't I like my user name, it reeks of arrogance and pomp. I know well enough how to defend the books integrity. I spend years filling in the blanks, gleaning secret antiquities, it's constantly on my mind. I pass up reading popular books so I can read Obadiah for the thousandth time.

    Take on your future, we have clews, but no one really knows, but for faith. We all feel we live in extraordinary times, therefore navigate the storm with what God gave you, eat the book up. Your Biblical imagination is a free vacation.

    Have a great day!
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Hi darren ,i chose sacha as my user name because it can be a male or female name and i belive people talk to you differently depending on your gender and on theirs of course ,i tried once to read a Bible commentary when i first started reading but i didnt even get half way through it ,it was drivle ,the Bible interprets itself ,i would love to know exactly what everything means and be able to remember it all chapter and verse but i know thats not going to happen ,i content myself with reading it every day ,i am crazy about the old testament ,Isaiah is the bees knees for me ,literally every chapter is fantastic ,it truely is meat and drink for the soul , keep up the good work please ,your post are thought provoking and interesting and appreciated ,sometimes they are even funny !
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    We think alike. My 1st message was to Adam, then I see you did the same.

    I am thrilled you read the OT, it is rich with details. It's like 12 guys telling an insurance agent their version of the accident. Just for the fun of it, in a category called: Know your prophets:

    Isaiah walked 3 years naked and barefoot.

    And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia; So shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.

    Ezekiel 4, God told them to eat human dung, but the prophet talked God into eating cow dung as a sign of Northern kingdom's Assyrian captivity.

    Then said I, Ah Lord GOD! behold, my soul hath not been polluted: for from my youth up even till now have I not eaten of that which dieth of itself, or is torn in pieces; neither came there abominable flesh into my mouth. Then he said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow's dung for man's dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith. Ezekiel 4:14-15

    What do you make of Isaiah 14:2 Egypt and slavery connection, both 400 years?
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Hi darren ,Isaiah ch 14 v 1-3 ,iif i really think on it i think these verses have not yet been fulfilled at least not completely ,when it comes to prophecy my gauge is 'has that happened yet ?' of course we cant always be 100 percent sure ,it urks me when people try to tell me what happened a thousand years ago in a foreign country when most people cant tell you what was going on in their own lives last month ,i think these 3 verses are yet to be fulfilled and i like to hope that these bondmaids and servants will be happy to be alive and in the land of Israel with Christ and the redeemed ,'i would rather be a door keeper ' psalm 84 v 10
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    The Bible uses duality to liken events.

    Isaiah 14 is a diverse recap of end-time prophesy.

    Israel (whole house) spent 430 years slaves in Africa per Genesis 15:13. Centuries later, the house of Israel, specifically the birthright people of Gen 48 (US/UK), in their respective new lands (land of the Lord), returned the favor by taking them captives whose captives they once were, some 400 years.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Darren ,aaaaahaha ! Im the 'strong' one too ! My strength really only does come from God ,everyone thinks im so cool and calm and unflapable ,inside im a kitten ,totally useless without Gods help ,i live among atheists who often have lent on me but who dont realise that they are not really leaning on me but on God because He is the one keeping me on my feet !
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    For the harvest? Likely it will be soon.

  • Carleton Johnston - in Reply on Revelation 18
    I am happy that I can rest that all that remains is Jesus's harvest. I love His reign in His saints while time remains.

  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    I am a amilleniast. Meaning perhaps for you, so you can understand me, no literal millennial counting is necessary.

  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Oh, Hold up now. "a amilleniast" How did you stray from the Word? You don't believe Jesus Christ in the flesh will reign in person for 1,000 years, but return after the church age? You better not let this get out, or it could spell trouble. Better board up your windows before the hard core Christians try and find out if you float. As for me, I'll be seeing you and all the rest that die in Christ, like John said.

    Amillenarism or Amillennialism is a type of chillegorism which teaches that there will be no millennial reign of the righteous on earth. Amillennarists interpret the thousand years symbolically to refer either to a temporary bliss of souls in heaven before the general resurrection, or to the infinite bliss of the righteous after the general resurrection.[1]

    This view in Christian eschatology does not hold that Jesus Christ will physically reign on the earth for exactly 1,000 years. This view contrasts with some postmillennial interpretations and with premillennial interpretations of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation.

    The amillennial view regards the "thousand years" mentioned in Revelation 20 as a symbolic number, not as a literal description; amillennialists hold that the millennium has already begun and is identical with the current church age. Amillennialism holds that while Christ's reign during the millennium is spiritual in nature, at the end of the church age, Christ will return in final judgment and establish a permanent reign in the new heaven and new earth.

    Many proponents dislike the term "amillennialism" because it emphasizes their differences with premillennialism rather than their beliefs about the millennium. "Amillennial" was actually coined in a pejorative way by those who hold premillennial views. Some proponents also prefer alternate names such as nunc-millennialism (that is, now-millennialism) or realized millennialism, although these other names have achieved only limited acceptance and usage.[2]
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    :) Not even a little bit. He has been reigning in the hearts of believers that live as his lambs for a long time already.

    Be ready when ne comes!
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Anabaptists give me an anaphylactic reaction. Haha.

    I gage the content of a post by how much research needs to be done in order to qualify an answer.

    Keep the new stuff coming.
  • Carleton Johnston - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Hello Darren, I think I understand where you are coming from.

  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Did I mention that anabaptists have been around a long time already, teaching by their lives, that one must be born again when infant baptism was required by law. Lambs reigning with Christ have no fear of their neighbor, instead we love our neighbors as ourselves.

  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    I would live in a community of abaptists. I'd build an A-frame by a fresh water lake called Duncan.

    Sounds like anabaptists live a pure life.

    You never hear of rough and tumble anabaptists up on charges.

    Do they have anaprotestant cause everyone should be so fortunate.

    I grew up baptist.
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    You believe in Christ's 1,000 year reign on earth. That is at the 7th trumpet, at the moment the 144,000 rise. That's what I believe.

    What do millennial's believe that's different from above?
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Does Elijah mean nothing to you?

    Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

    And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Malachi 4:5-6

    Wow, the OT really lays it on thick about Jesus causing a disturbance: great and dreadful. Imagine how disappointed all the pre-great tribers will be when they're not raptured.

    Jesus said, "Be ready

    For you know not the hour in which I come"

    He said, "He who is not for me is against me"

    Just so you know where He's coming from

    B. Dylan
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    See if you can detect the ripple in a stagnant pond.

    Apollo 13 took off at 13:13, was in the air 6 days. 13 is the 6th prime. Returning to earth on a 91 date numerology, the 13th triangular number.

    The Pentagon is 77 feet tall, it sits on the 77th meridian, and on 'September Eleventh' (= 77 Reduced) was struck by fight 77, 77 min after takeoff, traveling at 530 mph (77 feet per second). World Trade Center = 77


    56934 29145 355259

    (Full Reduction)

    Here is a simple, contrived Gematria news story. Nothing malicious, just news by the numbers. This has been going on in America since 1776. The owners compete with God for perfection of execution. They counterfeit God with mathematics.

    Matthew McConaughey is considering running for Governor of Texas. 'Governor' equates to 51 and 114.

    governor 114 English Ordinal


    governor51 Full Reduction


    He is 51 years old, and has an 11/4 birthday, like 114.

    This news comes on March 11, 2021, 127 days after his birthday.

    Scottish = 113 (date)

    Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127

    Arnold did it, maybe Matt follows. I'll be able to tell more next scripted news cycle.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    In a way, this could be like endless genealogy and not of much value. Be ready when He comes is a better use of the remaining time.

  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Recognizing it means you've learned it, not in its grip. You should at least understand the basics of the enemy when at war.

    'Jesus said be ready, for you know not the hour which I come.'

    What exactly does that mean to you? What happens when Jesus comes? Describe it to me.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Revelation 18
    I think Darren, if you choose, while I have time to participate on this website you may freely read my comments here and there.

  • Sacha - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Thanks darren ,i shall look up your refferences and read them with a different slant ,as for the roman kings ,physically they could b the emporers and spiritually they could b the popes ? Any how i agree with you about Russia ,i belive they will lead a coalition which will include Israels neighbours ,however Israel is a special place and a special people to God ,i dont belive He will permit it or them to be totally distroyed ,they are His witnesses ,we are spirituall Israel , i belive Christ will return to put an end to Russias shenanigans and to stop the destruction of the land of Israel and the people in it . Sorry when i say we are spiritual Israel i mean Christians are ,if we are Christs then we are Abrahams and heirs according to the promise ,it will be very nice for me if i get to meet you and all the others on here when Christ returns .
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    There is every indication that the false prophet of Revelation 13 is a sitting pope.

    When Judah was held captive 70 years in Babylon, their elders learned Gematria. How to control large swaths of people everyday, using a numerical code. Gematria is the practice of coding numbers on to words, it is part of Kabbalah. Like word values have similar meanings, relationships. The grouping of numbers is abundant. English, the new world order language that was designed to fit the code. There is a why reason four and forty are spelled differently. Jesus Christ was put to death by this code, and the Lord knew it. The Knights Templar captured Gematria during the crusades from the Arabs, and brought it back to England. Nothing in America is done without the code, and once you learn it, you will understand. Govt, Media, Sports, Hollywood use the code to trick you. Everything is rigged years and decades in advance, so you never stood a chance. You worry about all the school shootings, when they are staged, by the numbers and presented to you on a silver platter. But for the ones that know what's going on, we are not fooled. We grow tired of explaining to a brainwashed world that they've been fooled, cause it's easier to fool you than convince you that you've been fooled. There is a master decoder on YouTube, named Zachary K. Hubbard. He is the only one to ever break the code, and yes, it puts his life in danger to expose the hoax so scientifically.

    Here's an example: A=1,B=2,C=3,...Z=26 so ABC = 6 (English Ordinal).

    Gematria numerical values EO SAT RO RS ALW KFW ES RES

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =313 389 1223 1299 357 373 1878 2334

    Six hundred three score and six =313 389 1223 1299 357 373 1878 2334

    Putin and 666 matches in 8 ciphers

    He's the #1 candidate to destroy America, invade Israel at the 6th trumpet, fulfilling the abomination of desolation.

    This is one of many reasons to believe Russia is the beast.
  • Biblical - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Hello Darren

    Please do not take this comment as a personal attack. What matters in this forum and discussion is solid, Biblical truth and accuracy. The rest is blasphemy and should be posted elsewhere, if posting is a must..

    If you believe that 5 trumpets have already blown I would like to ask the following questions:

    I would assume the trumpeting from the skies would be loud enough to hear worldwide?Unmistakably. Why have they not been heard? Do you believe this to not be an actual sound coming from above? If the trumpet is an alarm to man, we know that it would be in a frequency that man would undoubtedly hear.

    If 5 trumpets have been blown why have the things that Revelations 8-11 clearly states not happened yet?

    Clearly, these things have Not occurred. Not the 1st, not the 2nd, not the 3rd, not the 4th and not the 5th. Hasn't happened. It would be blatantly obvious. A third of the population hasn't died, a third of the world hasn't burned, a third of the sees haven't died, a third of the sun, moon and stars..etc

    I'm curious as to how/why you believe even the first trumpet has sounded.
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Where did you go? I want to hear about your silent trumpets. When will they sound, and will they sound off all at once?
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Trumpets are not literal trumpets you can hear, they are trumpets of war. Wasn't 9-11-01 Rev 9-1-11, the 5th trumpet? At the 5th trumpet America attacked itself, then rushed off to war, killing millions of innocent Iraqi's all on a pack of known lies. Revelation 9:4 America was commanded to not hurt the grass or green thing, or any tree of which there is none in the desert. America+ allies killed Muslims who do not have God's seal in their foreheads (non-Christians). Isn't that the allegory of what happened? Look what happens in the second half of the chapter: Rev 9:13-21 where the 6th trumpet army (Russia) crushes the 5th trumpet army (America) to dust.
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    Oops, I thought you were saying something else, and I misread it. Sounds good to me now....
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    The 144,000 die in the streets after their 42 months expire, and lay there in the street for 3 1/2 days. If you are calling these elect of the 12 tribes, from both houses of Israel (Israel & Judah = 2 witnesses) who are sealed from death 42 months, "the church", then know that anti-christ kills them; they die before the 7th trumpet. Then they, and the ones that remain alive at the 7th trumpet, who survived the great tribulation, are taken up in the clouds to meet Jesus at the second coming.
  • Darren Croft - in Reply on Revelation 18
    America and Israel get fleeced at the day of the Lord as destruction from the Almighty. God brings the beast Russian army with 10 toes forth to do His will against Babylon ( Ezekiel 38:4-7). In vs 7, Russia protects its allies, so expect 'Jacob's time of trouble' soon after US/Israel bomb Iran's nuclear facility ( Revelation 6:14). God has commissioned HIS beast army to annihilate the whole house of Israel within 1 hour. God says the terrors will be upon my people!!! ( Ezekiel 21:12).

    A little further down, Ezekiel 21:18-20 identifies two lands chosen for destruction: Ammonites (US) and Jerusalem (Israel).

    I will die a happy man knowing that America and Israel got stuffed before they succeeded in ruling the world for a thousand years from Israel, like our savior Jesus Christ will. It couldn't happen to two kinder, gentler nations. Reap the worldwind, pay the piper.

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